Introduction to Meditation Workshop – 9th May at 4.30pm

Introduction to Meditation Workshop

Begin (or reawaken) your meditation practice.

When: Saturday, 9th May from 4.30pm – 5.30pm WIB

Online Zoom platform: click link to register you will receive link to session by email

This Introduction to Meditation Workshop is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your meditation practice!
In this workshop led by Shalini Matai, we will start to explore the practice of meditation in an interactive and experiential way. The focus of the workshop will be on self-discovery through meditation itself, along with plenty of time for questions and clarification.
What you will learn during the workshop:
• the purpose of meditation: what meditation is and what it is not
• a guided meditation session
• how to establish a daily meditation practice
• practical tips on how to integrate meditation into your everyday life

Your facilitator: Shalini Matai

Shalini Matai

Shalini serves as a facilitator of transformation/Coach and has vast experience with Leadership and Culture transformation journeys and Coaching in diverse sectors. She has 20-years’ experience with meditation, energy practices and various tools for transformation.

Shalini is co-founder of Ananta Universal, a Jakarta based boutique Leadership Transformation and Consulting. She actively serves as an affiliate advisor with Aberkyn, a McKinsey & Co. owned leadership development firm since 2015. Her professional life includes merchandising and marketing, financial analyst, coaching, learning and development facilitator. Shalini is a certified Facilitator of Transformation with Gita Bellin & Associates and Corporate Evolution. She is certified in Culture Transformation Tools as well as in Ontological, Epistemological and Transformational Coaching.