Is Your Morning Juice the Right Health Choice for You?


Breakfast is such an important meal time of the day. However, during a busy morning, it is easy to skip breakfast, let alone healthy breakfast. Sometimes you only grab your cup of coffee and/or a bread to at least fill you up until lunch time. But, this can deter you from getting enough nutrients you need during the day. That is why juicing can be a convenient way to get your daily requirements of nutrients, and it can be a healthy breakfast for a busy person like you.

Before we continue, let us ask you a question: is your morning juice the right health choice for you?

Grabbing a ready-to-drink juice might be not as good as whipping up a fresh juice in your kitchen. Juice in a box usually contains high level of sugar that is not good for you. You only can get a few of its nutrients compared to what you can get from fresh juice.

Experts of juicing believe that it can give your immune system a boost and protect your body from variety of diseases and ailments because of the high levels of phytonutrients, including antioxidants in the juice.

Here are healthy juice and smoothie choices you can blend for a great morning breakfast:

Grape juice

Studies have shown that purple grape juice provides far greater antioxidant protection than orange juice. Chicago researchers found that drinking a glass of grape juice every day can not only dilute the blood and reduce the formation of blood clot, but also can help lower the blood pressure. So, if you are looking to maintain a healthy cardiovascular function through increased antioxidant consumption might prefer a glass of purple grape juice in the morning to orange juice.

Beets juice

If you have an active schedule to look forward to, try starting out your day with beet juice. Research at the University of Exeter in London published in the November 2010 “Journal of Applied Physiology” showed that beet juice improved stamina by lowering exercise oxygen requirements. The juice widens blood vessels to allow greater blood flow and reduces blood pressure. Researchers also believe that the high amount of nitrate in this juice is responsible for performance enhancement, although this needs more deep research.

Tomato smoothie

Consuming tomato smoothie has been linked to preventing heart disease. The jellylike substance surrounding tomato seeds are high in salicylates, which have an anti-clotting effect on the blood.

Pineapple juice

If you’re going to spend most of your day outdoor, it is important to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Having a pineapple juice in the morning can help to boost your body’s immunity against skin cancer. Researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia found in a 2005 study that bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple offers protection against tumor growth, including melanoma.

Citrus fruits and vitamin C-rich produce

Studies have long suggested that vitamin C may improve your immune system by protecting you against cold. Orange juice, for example, may also help increase HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease the LDL-HDL ratio. Consuming juice rich in vitamin C also will provide you with excellent source of vitamin C, which have been associated with a reduced risk of death due to heart disease.

Berry-flaxseed smoothie

Flaxseeds are packed with fiber and rich in lignans, which have been shown to slow down tumor growth in women with breast cancer. They also contain magnesium to help control blood sugar and omega-3 fatty acids to lower triglycerides and reduce inflammation.

Just because you’re busy, make sure you always spare your time in the morning to have breakfast. Juices and smoothies are easy options if you don’t have much time in the morning. They are not only filling and boosting your energy, but also packed with nutrients to prevent diseases and ailments. This list of healthy morning juice can be a good start to choose the right juices for your morning breakfast.