June 2024 Monthly Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

June 2024 Monthly Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

Half a year has almost passed and June is all about preparing for the next half. While May brought hopes with Jupiter transit to Taurus, June indicates a preparation phase for Saturn retrograde.

Important transitions of this month-

2nd- 6thJune conjunction– Dramatic phase creating much chaos and confusion due to many Conjunctions in line starting with Rahu moon conjunction aspecting Sun-Venus conjunction followed by more repeated conjunction up to 6th June and aspecting each other.

6th June New Moon– This day will mark the new beginning and will settle down the chaos.

13,14,15th June– This time period will make everyone vocal about their needs and desires due to the Sun, Mercury and Venus Conjunction.

21st June Full Moon– This time energy will be high for everyone giving a closure to all the chaos created during mid-June.
June will end with the start of Saturn Retrograde amplifying the need to retrospect and revise life choices.

Aries- Transformation

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Aries

The theme of transformation is still going on for Aries since last month. Many ups and downs along with sudden changes are there. In fact, need to take care of your health as there can be illness and chances of hospitalizations etc. so please take extra care of your health. Many short travels and meeting up with friends and siblings will be there.


Taurus-Partnership & Healing

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Taurus

June is the month of gain and partnerships. Those who are wishing for marriage the wedding bells will ring soon or even good news can bring happiness in the family. There will be gains this month along with expenditure. Travel will give pleasure and expenses. Health issues of a partner will keep you worried.

Gemini- competitive spirit

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Gemini

It’s a good month to participate in any competition or contest. You will win over your enemies and excel in every work you choose. New opportunities regarding jobs will be there. But at the same time health needs to be taken care of. There can be minor diseases which need immediate attention. Maternal uncles can have health issues.

Cancer- Creative excellence

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Cancer

June will be a month of creative ideas which will help you shine in front of this world! Don’t hide your talents, it’s time to show your speciality. Speculative business will give gains. Many travels are indicated and kids related matters will keep you occupied. Take care of their health.

Leo- Don’t let your own fire burn you

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Leo

Fiery Leo needs to keep a check in the ambition to save himself from ruining himself in the pursuit of something big. June will keep you busy with home/ house related issues. Mother’s health needs extra care. Many gains this month. It’s the perfect time to enroll for the higher education that you were dreaming about. Some ups and downs will be there which will keep you worried.

Virgo- Fun time with siblings

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Virgo

Can have travel plans with your siblings/ friends. New opportunities regarding work are opening up and abundance is starting to flow. Avoid over thinking and try to take things lightly. Some philosophical questions will keep your mind occupied, giving you a deeper realization about life.

Libra- Emotional stagnancy

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Libra

A stressful period regarding family and money. Partner’s health needs extra care. Upto mid-June things will be chaotic, after that it will turn better. Religious turn of mind will give some peace. Don’t let your emotions make you weak. Use it to become more powerful.

Scorpio- Self Reflection

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Scorpio

This is a month of self-reflection and self-analysis. It’s time to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and create a life of your dreams. Focus will be on self and it is very much needed.
Spend some time alone and give energy and focus for self-development.

Sagittarius- Expenses

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Sagittarius

You will invest in many projects this month which will give good returns later. If you were looking for a job then now you have the bright chance to get it. Work related travel is indicated. Some truths need to be accepted so that you can move forward and use the knowledge to create a better outcome.

Capricorn- Hard work

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Capricorn

Many gains this month. Elder brother and colleagues will be supportive. Paternal side of the family will get closer. You will keep yourself busy in work which is not new for Capricorn. You find joy in finishing a job and a job well done gives you the highest satisfaction.

Aquarius – Rewards & Recognition

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Aquarius

It’s time to shine! Societal status will increase giving you name and fame. This is the time to work hard for your future life. Things will move slowly but will give permanent results. It’s like sowing the seeds and taking proper care knowing that it will give fruits when the time comes.

Pisces- Strength & Discipline

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Pisces

June is the month of fulfillment and travels. Doors to higher education will open. Father’s health needs extra care. Create a disciplined life to avoid unnecessary drama. Keep going & keep flowing is the motto of Pisces. Need to use this philosophy more in the month of June.




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