Kshipra Rao: Enthralled with Drawing

    Kshipra Rajeev: Enthralled with Drawing
    Kshipra Rao

    Enthralled with drawing from a very young age, Kshipra has now carved a niche in cinder, ash and powder.
    She has dabbled and experimented with many mediums including water colors, oils and pastels, though pencil and charcoal sketching ignite her passion the most. Not formally trained in art, she has nonetheless taken it into her stride and has organised and taken part in several painting exhibitions over the past 12 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. Being a part of the culture and immense beauty the archipelago has to offer, Kshipra finds inspiration all around.
    She believes that the true expression of one’s being can be best depicted on canvas. Portraits and sketches of people from diverse walks of life provides her with a sense of fortitude and dynamism.
    The presence of a motivating family and her husband have also acted as a catalyst for growth. She looks forward to those sleepless nights when the artist in her explodes with creativity and ideas!

    Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.