PT Akraya International: Leading Indonesia’s Drive to World Class Industrialisation


PT Akraya International is proud to sponsor ASEAN-INDIA DIWALI BAZAAR 2023. We thank the Indian Mission to ASEAN as well as Indoindians community for making this event of festivity and celebration of diversity happen. We also would like to wish everyone a very happy Diwali.

Founded in 2004 by Vinod Laroya, Akraya sets the benchmark for world-class management in greenfield investments and business turnarounds. Poised to meet the demanding needs of a fast-changing economic climate, Akraya endeavors to create strong foundations that stand the test of time.

First and foremost, Akraya is an equity investor, whose primary principle is not only to invest in but also to manage its investee businesses.

Our Vision:

Leading Indonesia to a world class industrialization.

Our Mission:

Increasing Indonesia’s resources through investing in the real sector, human capital, minimizing the country’s reliance on imports and generating further growth.
Armed with this Vision and Mission, Akraya sets elevated standards in management excellence for value-added manufacturing investments.

Our Proven Success:

over 75 years of combined Indonesian Operational, Management & Investment Experience.
– Led several of Indonesia’s largest bluechips over challenging times
– Raised over USD 1.5 billion in debt and equity capital
– Turned around challenged operations in several global markets

Our Strong Partnerships:

We have established strong partnerships with:
– Leading Indonesian and international corporations, entrepreneurs, business families, and government
– Prominent local and international financial institutions, developmental organizations, and strategic partners
– Leading private equity firms with co-investment opportunities

Our Global Experience:

Our Leaders have successfully set up and managed Investments in over 7 countries (Indonesia, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Oman, Turkey, and USA)

Our Investments:

1. PT ESSA Industries Indonesia Tbk. (“ESSA”)

PT ESSA Industries Indonesia Tbk. - Ruhul Dahrial

ESSA owns and operates the largest privately owned LPG processing facility in Indonesia. ESSA utilizes the most advanced technology in the world to ensure Indonesia stands at the forefront of global efficiency in production. It has a nameplate capacity of 190 MTPD of LPG and 500 BPD of Condensate.

LPG is manufactured by extracting propane and butane from natural gas, with heavier hydrocarbons extracted as condensate. It is commonly used in Indonesian homes for daily cooking. Indonesia renewed its focus on LPG production as the infrastructure to pipe gas to households on 17,000 islands is limited.

ESSA has received multiple safety awards for operating with an exemplary safety record and ensuring secure operations. The company has received “Zero Accident Award” for seven consecutive years from the Indonesian Ministry of Labour. ESSA endeavors to continue making positive contributions to Indonesia.

2. PT Panca Amara Utama (“PAU”, part of ESSA)

PT Panca Amara Utama - Ruhul Dahrial

PAU operates one of the world’s most efficient Ammonia facilities. It uses KBR’s Reforming Exchanger System & Purifier Technology to run its operations, the leading technology in ammonia production. This is the first ever application of this technology commercially, which places Indonesia at the forefront of ammonia production worldwide with a nameplate capacity of 1900 MTPD.

Its high plant utilization, stable operations, efficient turnaround times, and best-practice procurement capabilities all contribute to its attractive position on the global ammonia cost curve.

In 2015, when IFC (World Bank) financed PAU, it was their largest commitment in Asia and won Project Finance Deal of the Year by The Asset.

Ammonia, being the best carrier of hydrogen, is seen as the cleanest burning fuel of the future. PAU leads the way by having made great strides to convert 100% of its production to Blue Ammonia by 2025. Furthermore, with its Maleo Bird Conservation project, the management’s commitment to its environment is front and center.

3. Puri Akraya Engineering Limited (“PAE”)

PAE has expertly led, built and managed the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) of a world-class power plant in Timor Leste. Timor Leste’s first large Liquid-Fuel / Gas-Fired power plants, the Hera Power Plant & the Betano Power Plant, have been successfully supplying a large portion of Timor Leste’s power needs since completion in 2011.

Financed with extensive support from large international banks like HSBC, the plant was delivered in 11 months during a contractual timeline of 18 months, an outstanding feat given the remote location and limited infrastructure.
In June 2017, PAE handed over plants and operations to the government of Timor Leste.

4. PT Makmur Sejahtera Wisesa (“MSW”)

Financed by IFC (World Bank) as their last coal-based power plant financing, Akraya successfully led and managed the buildout of this 2x30MW plant in Tabalong, South Kalimantan. This plant was successfully acquired by PT Adaro prior to its completion.
MSW has been a strong contributor to the local economy by supplying electricity throughout South, Central and East Kalimantan. Within the first year, MSW produced 148,428 MWh of electricity and reached an actual availability factor of 89.8%.

Contact Information:

DBS Bank Tower 19th Fl.
Ciputra World 1 Jakarta
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta 12940
phone: +62 21 2988 5500
fax: +62 21 2988 5501