Life is a Joy


Life is a JoyLife is a joy – magical and mystical in the presence of the master.

Bhanumathi Narasimham

Na guroradhikam Na guroradhikam Na guroradhikam Na guroradhikam
Shiva shasanatah Shiva shasanatah Shiva shasanatah Shiva shasanatah

Shiva has declared that there is nobody beyond the guru. The concept of the master is time immemorial. It is an eternal principle. The master, the self, the mantra and the ishta (family deity) are the same energy. The more you come close to the master, the more evident this becomes for you.

What does it mean to come closer? The Guru is not just the body. You can feel the presence of the master even from miles away and you still you get the uplifted feeling. However, fortunate are those who can bask in his physical presence.Guru purnima is a wonderful opportunity to be in the presence of your master and to take his blessings on this auspicious day.

Every time, during guru purnima, you are reminded of your devotion, your fullness and how you can be useful to people around you. Difficulties in life are the grounding factor. Some of the seemingly difficult situations can be the time to introspect. You are in a situation to really re-think. It is the time to polish, refuel and again you can take off. Renewing your bond with the wisdom is guru purnima. Having a master in your life, you are grounded and confident.Themaster is always glorified because he is such a psychological strength and security in one’s life.

The master is the absolute comfort in our life.

The Guru always makes your life full. There is a sense of fulfillment, contentment. Guru purnima is celebrated recognizing that our life is full like the moon in the presence of the Master. It is enriched, total and pleasant. You feel so cared for in the master’s presence. The heart blossoms and the head stops worrying.

The guru connects you to your higher self. That is why you feel elevated and happy for no reason in his presence. Meditation in the master’s presence is very uplifting. When you are in his physical presence,sattva (purity) is predominant. As a result of this we get deep experiences in meditation. We tend to rejoice naturally. The heart is filled with joy and gratitude and you experience the magic of divine love and bliss.

Perfection is the ability to experience the divine love within you. Everything is not material. There are some things you can only experience, you cannot explain. The sense of belonging ness, connectedness, a quality of consciousness with access to higher dimensions – the physical presence of the Master gives you these mystical experiences.

The expanded consciousness cannot be understood by the limited realm of the intellect. It is mystical – beyond grasp, you can feel it, but you can’t explain it. All the beautiful experiences in our life are mystic – love, reverence, beauty, gratitude,innocence – can’t be measured. They capture the heart and are beyond the intellect. Living fully the mystery of life is mysticism and this is possible only in the presence of the enlightened master.

During Guru purnima, It is like recharging your energy. So many devotees with gratefulness – it is a mystical atmosphere. It feels like this is the experience of a lifetime! To live such a life feels worthy. I have experienced this so many times and each time I feel, this is it, and I am waiting for the next one as well!


Life is a joy – magical and mystical in the presence of the master.

The writer is the chairperson of the International Women’s Conference, meditation teacher, and Director of Women and Child Welfare programs of The Art of Living Foundation.

Shared by Niqqita,
“Faculty Art of Living Happiness Program” & “Wealth and Well Being Consultant”