Looking Ahead at 2024: Never give up, you are strong beyond your imagination

Looking Ahead at 2024 Never give up, you are strong beyond your imagination

Pallavi Khetan is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience, specializing as a Tarot card reader, Astrologer, Numerologist, and Law of Attraction practitioner. This is her reading for the new year.

Welcome, 2024!
Each year has a certain energy associated with it and by aligning with that
energy we can make the most out of it.

2024 is the year of 8 as the sum of the numbers 2, 0, and 2,4 makes an eight. 8 is the most practical number in Numerology and is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn
is one of the most dreaded planets because it is the planet of your karma and it gives you the rewards and punishments as per the karma done by you. It brings challenges, obstacles, delays, failures, deaths, and rebirths and it loves those who are
practical and morally strong.
The number 8 is associated with the Strength card in the Tarot which again shows the importance of discipline and mental strength.

the number 8 of infinite possibilities
The number 8 of infinite possibilities

The motto for 2024 is Never give up, you are strong beyond your imagination.

So in short, make the most of 2024 by

  • Creating a disciplined life. A good time to stick to those healthy routines of
    restricted diet and exercising.
  • Stay law-abiding. Breaking the laws may cost you a little more in 2024.
  • Labor class issues and maid issues will be prominent. So keep a backup plan
  • Throw away old and broken shoes.
  • Change your toothbrush frequently, and take more care of your teeth.
  • Take care of your bone health by taking vitamin D3 and Calcium.
  • Take care of your parents and grandparents. You will need their blessings in
    2024 for smooth sailing.
  • Don’t take any shortcuts but do take the proper path in 2024 even if it takes
    a long time to reach your destination (apply to moral values too).

Astrologically, 2024 is an interesting year. Jupiter is in Aries in the initial months of 2024 and after that it will finally move into the Taurus sign again in mid-2024 after swinging to and forth in it in 2023. And Saturn will stay in Aquarius bringing many innovative and progressive changes worldwide. Let’s dive into the individual sun signs to find out what is in store for them in 2024.

aries-astrological-predictions-for-2018Aries – another lucky year
Aries have been enjoying the presence of Jupiter in their sun sign since 2023. The stroke of good luck will continue as now Jupiter turns direct in Aries. Make the most of this year by expanding your horizons and being optimistic in your endeavors. In mid-2024 Jupiter will transit in Taurus which gives Aries more opportunities on finance and family fronts. Even Saturn, the 10th lord is in the 11th house giving you gains and desire fulfillment. Foreign travel will be fruitful.
In short, another lucky year for Aries.

taurus-astrological-predictions-for-2018Taurus – be cautious
For Taurus, Jupiter has been transiting in the house of expenses since mid-2023. Be careful of your finances as you may lose money. On the professional front, you will face challenges and delays. Be careful in all the Investments. Read the clauses carefully while signing any deal. Rahu is in the 11th house ensuring gains and desire fulfillment. During mid 2024 more opportunities will arrive but may also create health issues. So trade with caution in 2024.

gemini-astrological-predictions-for-2018Gemini – attention to health
For Gemini,2024 begins with a mixture of stress and relief. Rise in status, desire fulfillment is there. You will gain from partnerships and collaborations. Rahu in 10th house will give Professional restlessness creating disharmony in the home. Marital issues can arise at the beginning of the year. Saturn in the 9th house will create obstacles in your travels and higher education. Father’s health will also concern you. Mid-2024 onwards you need to pay special attention to your health.

cancer-astrological-predictions-for-2018Cancer – be positive
For Cancerians, the year continues to give worries and unexpected stress. But career-wise it’s a wonderful time for you as Jupiter is in your 10th house. You can easily find your dream job now. Mid 2024 you will have many gains. Ketu in the 3rd house will bring communication issues with siblings and friends. A legal dispute concerning inheritance is possible. Go for a pilgrimage to remove the unnecessary negativity from life.

leo-astrological-predictions-for-2018Leo – expect the unexpected
2024 starts with a stroke of good luck for you. Your charisma and power will increase. Luck will favor you this year with the rise of status and promotions as Jupiter is in your 9th house. Saturn in the 7th house can cause Marital issues and disharmony with partners. Disputes and detachment from family members can happen. Unexpected events can bring stress in life.

virgo-astrological-predictions-for-2018Virgo – connect with yourself
2024 looks like a tough year for Virgos. Both professionally and personally it’s challenging. Many responsibilities will keep you busy and tired. Saturn in the 6th house will increase Your capacity to deal with conflicts and legal issues. There can be sudden gains and towards the end of 2024, things will start improving. The planet Ketu is in your first house, so Spiritually it’s a wonderful time to connect with yourself and find true insights into life.

libra-astrological-predictions-for-2018Libra – good luck
Rahu is in your 6th house which can keep you busy with minor illnesses. Saturn in the 5th house is giving you practicality and good luck but You may face some creative blocks. Partners will support you both at home and workplace. Increased expenditures will be a matter of concern. Sudden travel plans are possible and you will gain from it. Religious work will interest you.

scorpio-astrological-predictions-for-2018Scorpio – Be creative
At the beginning of 2024, you will make some extra money due to personal efforts. Jupiter in the 6th house ensures good finances for you. Towards mid 2024 you can look for more opportunities. Your kids will keep you busy and many creative pursuits will bring good luck.
Saturn in the 4th house can create some disharmony at home. Take care of your mother as there can be some health issues with her.

sagittarius-astrological-predictions-for-2018Sagittarius – new opportunities
2024 begins with the sun and mars in your sun sign bringing a boost of energy and confidence in you. New opportunities can give you benefits. Even speculative business can give you a good stroke of luck as Jupiter is in your 5th house. Saturn in the 3rd house can give some Issues related to travel along with some problems in the friend circle. Keep your communication open and non-sarcastic to avoid any misunderstanding in the family. Professional hurdles will be there which will subside towards the end of this year.

capricorn-astrological-predictions-for-2018Capricorn – Watch your expenses
2024 will begin with much expenditure which is a continuation from 2023 as your 12th lord Jupiter is in 4th house. Expenditure related to property and a house is possible. Travel will be beneficial. Father’s Health issues will keep you occupied. Saturn in the 2nd house makes you penny wise and pounds foolish. So be careful about your expenditures. Later this year your finances will increase. Creative pursuits will bring good luck.

aquarius-astrological-predictions-for-2018Aquarius – spiritual growth
Saturn has been transiting in Aquarius since 2023 giving you many personality changes that will continue in 2024. These 2-3 years will change your life forever. All you need to do is work hard and keep your mindset positive. Mid 2024 you will have more gains. Interest in spirituality will increase and you will find more contentment within.

pisces-astrological-predictions-for-2018Pisces – travel
With Rahu in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house, marital problems can arise. Making you all self-centered for a while and creating unnecessary stress in your relationships. Expenditure will increase and foreign travel is possible. Jupiter in your 2nd house will bring good news financially. Mid-2024 will bring more money and cash flow into your life.

Pallavi Khetan - Tarot card reader, Astrologer and Vaastu practitionerby Pallavi Khetan