Making CHANGE your BFF: by Harmeet Anand

Make time for change

Move to a new country can never be simple. And for most of us they are also painful. After all it includes cultures we don’t understand, people we cannot communicate with. Top it with all the work that settling into a new environment entails. All of it is bound to take toll on you – physically and emotionally. What then can you do to make change “easy“? Here are my “TOP 3 TIPs” that have stood the test of time as well as the plethora of changes…says Harmeet

  1. Connect. People. Connect.

connect people connect

Find your tribe before you physically find yourself in a new environment. Get yourself acquainted with the lay of the land. The more people you can speak with who can help give you different perspectives, the better prepared you will be to make productive choices. Do this in advance. Networking may come easier to some than others. But make it your first step because it’s always helpful to step into an unknown territory using borrowed vision instead of being completely blind.

2. Be Selfish.

Be SelfishSo you have other people you are responsible for during the change – maybe small kids who need attention or grumpy ones who have left their friends behind. All of those are important people to take care of, but the person who remains most important of all is – YOU. Be selfish about yourself, which includes your health, your emotional self and your needs. We know that only if you care of yourself, can you support others. Rememebr that when you fill your life with things that nourish you, you are playing ally to the invisible forces that have conspired those changes. You would rather be an ally to an indomitable force than a foe.

3. Beware of your favorite inner devils.

e aware of your inner devilsChange is the perfect time for things that “you control’ to take control over you. Be conscious of annoying devils that creep back in your life. It maybe complaining for some. It’s laziness for others. Perhaps its insolence for another. Whatever is your favorite poison, its likely to feast on you during times of transition if you are not vigilant. Acknowledge your inner gremlin and consciously choose to do just the opposite. The gremlin is an annoying part of you that needs attention, much like a child that throws a tantrum. The more you get upset with it, the more you lose control. The calmer you are with the process, the easier they are to come around. When you find your devils showing their horns, simply acknowledge and choose the opposite.

Change is the only way of growing. It can be uncomfortable. Growing out of our preferred zones and boxes always is uncomfortable. But remember “CHANGE” is universe’s way of pushing us to “grow”, much like we re-pot a plant when its getting stunted in a smaller place into a a vast field.

Change = Discomfort = Growth

by Harmeet Anand

Harmeet Anand