Mango Bites by Rajiv

Mango Bites by Rajiv

Delicious sweet made with mango puree, cornflour and sugar. This is perfect for every occasion.


  1. Mango Puree 250 ml
  2. Corn Starch 100 gms
  3. Milk Powder100 gms
  4. Dry Fruit ( Coarse)4 spoons
  5. Elaichi Powder1/2 spoon
  6. Butter 25 gms
  7. Diced Coconut ( for coating)100 gms
  8. A pinch of Salt and Black Pepper Powder to balance the taste.


  • Mix ingredients 1-6 in a non stick pan
  • once mixed properly, switch on the flame.
  • Cook till it becomes thick and leaves the sides
  • move to a greased container
  • Once cooled completely, remove from container and cut into desired shapes with a knife.
  • Coat with coconut which has a pinch of salt and pepper.