March 2024 Monthly Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

March 2024 Monthly Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

Monthly predictions are mostly based on the fast-moving planet because only they are transitioning during the months’ time.

The slow moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu& Ketu) which take 1 and 2 years are the ones which decide the major mood for the year like the hour hand of a clock. And the inner planets aka fast-moving ones (Venus, Mercury, Mars) are like minute and second hand of the clock which passes quickly.

Let’s check the astrological calendar for March followed by monthly predictions for all the moon signs.

Sun will transit to Pisces on 14th March.

Mars enters to Aquarius on 15th March.

Mercury enters Aquarius on 7th March and Aries on 26th March.

Venus enters to Aquarius on 7th March.

New Moon in Aquarius on 10th March & the full moon is in Virgo on 25th March.

The slow-moving planets will continue their transit in the same signs as; Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Aries, Rahu in Pisces, and Ketu in Virgo.

*These Predictions are for your moon sign.

The moon sign is popularly known as “Rashi” and many people are aware of their moon signs. Those who don’t know can easily use websites like to find their moon sign.

Let’s check out the March prediction!

Aries- Vision and leadership!

For Aries, February was a lucky month with much success. This will continue even in March bringing great success and gains. Towards the end of the month there can be some health issues and expenses on self. Workload will be there but you will also gain superb recognition at workplace and in society.

Taurus- Independent and abundant!

For Taurus, most of the planets are transiting on 9th and 10th house activating long travel for religious purposes and also gains from it. It’s a month to activate the luck factor in your life.

Do some charity and religious deeds. You will enjoy the luxuries of life and have comfortable cashflow.

Gemini- Change & Movement!

Most of the planets will be transiting in the 8th and 9th house. There are long travels and sudden ups and downs. Take care of your health. Be prepared for many changes in your life. Have career gains towards the end of the month. Luck will turn in your favor this month. Make the most out of it by doing some active efforts towards bringing change in your life.

Cancer- Explore new Horizons!

For cancer this month is all about partners and partnerships. Your partners will gain and you will gain from the partnerships. Towards the end of the month you can have travel plans. It’s time to explore new horizons. Don’t limit yourself, you can get much more than you think. Sky is the limit.

Leo- Travel and Healing!

This month take extra care of your health and the health of your spouse. There can be some issues with Towards the end of the month by taking extra care of your health. You will heal from the things that were bothering you for a long time. Healing is not a linear graph, it’s a path which has many U turns, but finally in March you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, keep walking.

Virgo- Recognition & Money!

You will be very lucky and creative this month. You are in the spotlight and will enjoy your work. You will have gains from your job for sure.  Can have conflict with spouse, so try to maintain harmony at home. You will be celebrated and well paid for your skills. People around you will be generous and help you in many ways.

Libra- Stuck in the past!

For Libra March will be about home and comfort. You will like to spend time at home and do some renovations or make some changes in your house.

Kids will make you happy and there can be gain of house/ vehicle or luxury items. There are unseen bonds which ties you to the past. If you want be released, you have to work consciously and break old habits. 

Scorpio- Many changes!

For scorpions’ March will be the month of change and short travel. There can be fun gatherings with colleagues or cousins. Life is starting to change this month and you can see good things coming in your life. Fortune is on your side in March.

Sagittarius- Happily lonely!

This is a month of gains and creativity. Learning new skills is a good idea. Cash flow will be good and you may gain in speculative business. You will enjoy JOMO (joy of missing out) which means you will enjoy your company and spend time pampering yourself. You will enjoy the comfort and luxury which money does bring. 

Capricorn-  Overtime!

Much gains for Capricorn in March. Your work load will increase but as you are already a workaholic being a Capricorn you will enjoy these long hours of work. Take some breaks in between your busy schedule to activate more creativity. Short travels will be fruitful. Your hardwork will reward you in the coming months.

Aquarius- Juggling!

This is a month to work on yourself. As the sade sati is going on it’s a long journey of self discovery.

In March you will focus on your health and yourself. Much gains are there towards the end of the month due to self-effort. You will be juggling many activities and trying to find balance in life. Multi-tasking is tiring but it develops the skill. Work life balance is mandatory for a happy life.

Pisces- Overthinking

Many things are happening in Pisces life simultaneously. You will find yourself as the center of attraction in many places. Life will be busy and you will learn a lot in March. Cash flow will be good. There can be issues in your mind which will keep you worried. Try to keep yourself organized to avoid last moment chaos. Learn to have faith in the process of the universe.

 by Pallavi Khetan