Meera Joseph: Educator and Artist

    Meera Joseph

    In her aesthetic journey, Meera Joseph has explored the realm of art with charcoal sketches, oils, acrylics and sculpture – the human figure is the recurrent theme. Her artistic expression started with lithe long and stretched bodies and ethereal as it was, still pervades the canvas of Meera. Painting in gnarled black and whites in sculpted wood was her next stop. Turning away from the canvas, the artist also stepped into the world of sculpture where another dimension depicting three dimensional imageries gave her artistic pleasure. She followed suit with acrylics and yielded to greens, yellows ochres and reds through the whimsicalities that evoked the flavour of Bali. Today Meera is prepared to fill her canvas with her favourite stark searing blacks and whites, an exuberant and defiant comeback.

    An Educator, Meera values the diversity of human experience and treasures her time spent in this beautiful country…Indonesia