MensaIs your child extraordinarily gifted? Give your child a head start and register with MENSA

In every country Mensa always has a voluntary officer called the “Gifted Children’s Coordinator”. This person is always willing to help with issues relating to gifted children, in any way he or she can, given her or his own personal time and resources. The Gifted Children’s Coordinator is happy, if he or she can, to help any gifted child in the community; neither the child nor the parents need to be members of Mensa.

In recent years, as the problems of gifted children have become better understood, it has been realised that having a “peer group” of highly intelligent people is one of the most important needs gifted children have. Mensa is ideally suited to provide such a peer group, which a child can join and within which she or he can grow up

Every child who joins Mensa, and particularly every parent who joins Mensa and supports functions which are held for children and families, is helping to build towards the time when Mensa is the natural social group for gifted children; a group whose society they can enjoy all their life.

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Irian Thomas
Mensa Indonesia
Jl Duren Sawit Timur V
Blok N III/1
Jakarta Timur
Jl Duren Sawit Timur V
Fax: (62) 21 8620667

Annual Dues:  approx US$45

Cost for Test Evaluation:
Cost for Supervised Test:
Cost for Home Test:

National Magazine
Number of Members:  over 30


Mensa India
Jnana Prabodhini
510 Sadashiv Peth
Pune 411 030
Phone: +91(20) 447 7691 or +91(20) 447 8095
Fax: +91(20) 4491806
Annual Dues: Rs. 200.00

Cost for Test Evaluation:
Cost for Supervised Test: Minimum of Rs. 75.00
Cost for Home Test:

National Magazine:  Mensa Expressions
Number of Members: around 700


Mensa Singapore
#03-41/42 Paramount Shopping Centre
30 East Coast Rd.
Phone: (65) 345 5288
Fax: (65) 345 1550
Annual Dues: S$ 60.00

Cost for Test Evaluation:
Cost for Supervised Test:  S$48.00
Cost for Home Test: S$ 10.00 (for scoring only, will be refunded when doing final test)

National Magazine: Menews
Number of Members: over 800

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