Mosquito Defense Tips

Mosquito Defense 1

Don’t let bugs ruin your backyard picnic! Create a “Bite-Free” backyard. Mosquitoes start life as aquatic creatures, and prefer to breed in still, almost stagnant bodies of water such as marshes, swamps and small ponds. But being tiny creatures, they don’t need lots of space for egg laying — usually, even the tiniest pool of standing water will suffice. A shallow puddle, a tire swing, an infant’s pool, a crook in a tree, an empty bucket or an old tin can are just a few examples of potential mosquito hatcheries.

As a result, one of the best preventive measures you can take is to eliminate as many of their breeding sites as possible. This will make your lawn less attractive to mating adults, and thus significantly reduce both the adult and pre-adult (or larval) population. In general, the less junk you have lying around — and therefore waiting to collect rainwater- the less inviting your property will be to the egg-laying females that inflict bites. More specifically, we recommend that you

1.Keep your gutters clear and free-flowing.
2.Keep child-size swimming pools drained when not in use.
3.Continually refresh and replenish the water in swimming pools and birdbaths.
4.Store unused flowerpots, watering cans and empty plastic containers in your garage or shed.
5.Keep lawn and shrubs trimmed to minimize breeding habitat for mosquitoes.
6.Remove old stumps.
7.Protect yourself and your family from bites with any of our aerosol or pump insect repellents. Read and follow the manufacturer’s DIRECTIONS FOR USE, as printed on the product.
8.Use Citronella Candles and Torches, and Mosquito Coils for barrier protection around porches, patios, decks and outdoor furniture, especially when entertaining.