Naturopathy is the science of treating human body in the natural way. Conceptually human body is made of five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. These cover all the forces of nature.

Earth represents solid structures of the body. Human body consists of 70% water in the form of various fluids which are represented by water. Oxygen & other elements of air in traces are vital to sustain life & other metabolic processes. Vitality represents fire. Ether or space represents the human soul. Good health characterizes presence of each of these elements in equilibrium & balance. Deviation from state of balance, leads to accumulation of toxins resulting in diseases. According to Charaksamhita, whenever our five senses lose coordination, this results in imbalance in other body functions. Nature helps in restoration of the balance. Diseases are caused due to “the violation of Nature’s laws”, i.e. breach of rules of diet, exercises, sleep, relaxation, drinking water etc. “Disease as such is the self-purifying effort of Nature”, proclaims Naturopathy.

The modern lifestyles prevent man from taking care of even minimal health needs, creating greater dependency on drug stores. However, good health is a condition built over the years by our vital processes through self control and will power. Diseases are caused due to violation of rules of diet, exercises, sleep, relaxation and drinking water etc. Disease is a self purifying effort of nature. If we suppress the condition with drugs etc., we are only laying foundation for chronic diseases.

Naturopathy offers various forms of therapies like: hydrotherapy, mud therapy, colon irrigation, dietetics, nutrition, fasting therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, herbology, massage therapy, exercise and yoga therapy, physio/electro therapy, etc. However, each of these should be practiced under medical supervision.