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Photography Tips at Dusk

Photography Tips at Dusk

Photography at Dusk

Dusk is a very interesting time for a photo shoot. A moment after the sun goes down, we can see various colors of light that surrounds us, which could be lighting from houses, restaurants, bars, skyscrapers, etc. These objects go together with the glow of different colors such as orange, pink, purplish and red joining the dart bluish sky. The latter very much depends on the weather condition of the season.

The ideal time to shoot beautiful and colorful pictures at dusk is approximately 30 minutes to 1-hour after sundown. Because a color film is still able to record the deep blue color of the sky so that the shape of buildings and objects will stand out against the background. We advise you not to wait until the sky has gone black.

The idea of taking a shot at dusk is usually rendering the combination of different colored light sources against the colon of the sky. It is important that the shape of the required object is still defined instead of only dots of unidentifiable lights.

The required technique is quite simple, all you need is to work
in the slow speed range of your camera, while choosing for a small aperture like f/1 on the lens to guarantee sufficient depth off field. It is therefore advisable to use your tripod. Use a ISO 100 film and make 3 different exposures of each scene starting with 1 sec. Up to 1/8 sec.

Happy hunting and have fun!

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