Popular Slang Words in Bahasa Indonesia

Popular Slang Words in Bahasa Indonesia

There are many ways to learn a new language. With the existence of numerous language websites on the internet, now you can learn new languages by just downloading the e-book and learn it by yourself. You also can always enroll to language classes or get a private tutor to give you comprehensive courses of the language.

But, actually, one of the best ways to learn new language is by using the language in daily conversation. When you live in Indonesia, knowing Bahasa Indonesia (even if it’s just the basic) would be very helpful. English usually is used in the offices, restaurants (fast food chains and big restaurant only—roadside footstall vendors usually don’t speak English), hotels, and other public facilities. Bahasa Indonesia is the national language and it is used in everyday conversation among Indonesian.
Learning Bahasa Indonesia seems incomplete when you aren’t learning the slang words (or bahasa gaul in Indonesian). Slang words in Indonesians are used in daily conversations among coworkers and friends—both in direct conversations and computer mediated conversations (chatting, SMS, etc). Learning slangs are fun as you can use it to joke around with your Indonesian friends or even with fellow expatriates. Here is some Indonesian slang words that you may want to know:

Abang : calling older male
Agan, gan : bro
Akik : gemstone
Aq, ak, akyu, akoh, akooh : I, me, mine
Ajib : Cool, awesome, great
Amit-amit : God forbid, Oh My God (don’t let it happen to me)
Babe, beh : Dad, father, daddy
Baper : sentimental, melancholic
Beb, beib, bebih : Babe
Begindang (begitu) : just like that, that’s all I said
Bete, BT, eteb : bored, bad temper
Bhay! : bye, goodbye
Cabut : go
Cekidot : check it out
Ceban : ten thousand rupiah
Cepek : one hundred rupiah
Cincay=cincai : easy to deal with, don’t worry
Ciyus : seriously?, really?
Copas : copy and paste
Deh : please
Dimari : here
Doang, doank : only
Doi, do’i, doski : he/him, she/her
Dong : please
Dugem, dunia gemerlap : nightlife, clubbing
Duit : money
Ember (literally means bucket) : definitely, that’s right
Endes/endeus : yummy, delicious
Ente (from Arabian language) : you, yours
Elo, lo, lu, elu, lau, L : you, yours
Eyke, eke, eyk : I, me , mine
Fulus : money
Futu : photo, take a photo
Gaes : guys, you all
Gaban (segede gaban) : really huge
Gaje (gak jelas) : not consistent, not clear
Galau : restless, sad, having personal problem
Gambreng : so many (segambreng), really huge (segede gambreng)
Gaul : hang out, trendy, social butterfly
Gelo : crazy
Gocap : five thousand rupiah
Gopek : five hundred rupiah
Gue, gua, gw, w : I, me, mine
Japri : private message (usually used in chat rooms, forums, etc)
Kaki lima : street vendor
Kayak=kyk=kek : like, as, such
Kece : cool, awesome
Kepo : wondering, want to know, curious (usually in the matter of business/problems/personal things)
 Kesel :  annoyed, angry, mad
 Lebay :  overacting, too much
 Mager :  lazy
 Mimin, min :  administrator
 Muter :  turn around, spin, play a song
 Ngacir :  fleeing
 Ngakak :  laughing out loud
 Ngebut :  fast
 Ngemeng :  saying, speaking
 Obrol :  chat
 Ojek :  motorcycle taxi
 Otewe = ote :  on the way
 PD, pede (percaya diri) :  confident
 Rempong :  complicated, troublesome, busy
 Sante, santay :  relax
 Selo, selow, woles :  take it easy
 Tajir :  rich
 Udah, udin :  already
 Vroh :  bro, brother
 WA, we-a, wasap :  WhatsApp mobile chat apps
 Wkwkwkwk :  LOL
 Xixixi :  LOL
 Yaelah=yampon=ya ampun :  for God sake
 Yey :  you, yours
Yoa=yoi=yha : yup, yes

Happy learning Bahasa Indonesia!