Sharon Nathani, Principal of Kinderfun Preschool

    Sharon Nathani, Principal of Kinderfun Preschool

    Parents always want their children to have the best education. They will pick the best school for their children and make sure that their children are taught by the best teachers. These thoughts encouraged Sharon Nathani to establish Kinderfun Preschool four years ago.

    “It was four years back when Isabella, my daughter was to start her preschool and looked around for the ideal one for her,” Sharon shared at the interview with Indoindians team. In her quest to find a preschool for Isabella, she came up with an idea of having something of her own. “I wanted to have a dream preschool where I put in all the elements that a parent would like a preschool to have, and also hire the best teachers. So education and learning are not compromised.”

    Sharon, who has always been associated with the field of education, implemented her vision in education at Kinderfun Preschool. “In Kinderfun, we commit to bring out excellence in every child by cultivating self-confidence and love for learning,” she said. She believes that the first few years of a child’s life are developmentally crucial. “A child’s early years are critical for the cognitive development and social learning which will lead to success in his or her life. And in these critical years, it’s essential to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for the child to make the best of their abilities.”

    That is why Sharon and her team in Kinderfun provide the foundation of interpersonal relationships, passionate teachers and parents’ involvement to create a warm and loving atmosphere for the children. The multicultural environment (the students are from various ethnicities like China, India, Russia, and Indonesia) also will help children to learn foreign language (English) faster.

    Compared to other preschools, Sharon said that Kinderfun is a mix of play-based and academic curriculum. “As a parent and a principal of Kinderfun Preschool, I can say that what matters when our child goes to preschool is that they learn from adults who engage and stimulate intellectual curiosity while imparting social skills. Preschool is a time to learn social and emotional skills so children are ready to learn these academic skills later on. This is exactly what Kinderfun is all about.”

    She believes that the best investment that every preschool must own is the teachers. Teachers have a role in shaping social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral skills to the children. “A classroom atmosphere depends mainly on the background of the teacher, her love for children and her aesthetic skills,” she explained. To maintain the quality of Kinderfun’s teachers, she keeps faith in their work. “I also ensure to keep them motivated and encourage them to bring out the best in whatever they do.”

    As a school principal, Sharon admits that she has to wear many hats at the same time. “It is all about time management, resource management and keeping up to date with various training and materials so the curriculum in the school is never outdated,” she said.

    Lastly, her advice for parents who want to enroll their children in preschool. “My advice is just take it easy, follow your heart and it is important to let your child enjoy their childhood. For that all you need is love and care, and a preschool who understands this is the right choice for you.”

    We wish Sharon and Kinderfun Preschool success with this educational initiative.