Sindhi Associations in Indonesia


There are a few active Sindhi associations in Indonesia. These associations have scheduled programs that occur regularly, and providing Sindhi community in Indonesia a place where they can gather and share their interests with fellow Sindhis.

Below is the list of Sindhi associations in Indonesia:

Anand Ashram

Yayasan Anand Ashram is the centre for wellbeing and self-empowerment, which was established by Anand Krishna in 14th January 1991. This association regularly hosts Sindhi Mehfil program in Jakarta, Bali, and Yogyakarta, as a celebration of Sindhi culture where spirituality has become an inseparable part of daily life.

Jalan Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Blok H-10 No 1, Jakarta
Phone 021-6508648

Tempat Belajar Meditasi Jakarta, Meditasi Anand Krishna | Anand Krishna

Bharat Ladies Group

Address:Jl. Sutan Syahrir, 6A, Jakarta โ€“ 10510, Indonesia.
Contact person: H Vaswani 021-337880

Gandhi Seva Loka

Gandhi Seva Loka (formerly known as Bombay Merchant Association) was founded in 1947 by the elders of Sindhi community. It is a charitable institution run by the Sindhi community and is engaged mainly in educational and social activities.

Gandhi Memorial International School, Kemoyaran, is an international school, which offers IB curriculum which is run by the Gandhi Seva Lokha.

Headquarter address:

Jalan HBR Motik Blok D6, Kav No 1, Kota Baru Bandar, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta
Phone 021-4211902 / 6586685 / 86
President: Mr. Shyam Roopchand Jethnani

Sadhu Vaswani Centre


Sadhu Vaswani Centre Jakarta is a spiritual center that was inaugurated with the grace of Rev Dada JP Vaswani. The centre hosts a wide range of spiritual events that compliments the trinity of our essence: Body, Mind, and Soul. Some of the activities here are Daily Kirtan, Yoga classes, and guided meditation โ€˜Serene Sundayโ€™.


Jalan Danau Indah Barat 1 Block E3 No 12, Sunter Podomoro, North Jakarta
Phone 021-65832341
Contact person: Mrs. Rita Thakur (021-3805522)