Singapore – Access Success


Today, Singapore is thriving as one of the most preferred destinations for higher education, with its mix of international students, and universities with cutting edge technology, superior research facilities, and the ability and foresight to transform bright minds into dynamic professionals.

Located just a few hours away from India, and with a culture that is global yet Asian, Singapore offers an unparalleled learning experience. With the latest in pedagogic tools, technology and research facilities, Singapore’s institutions deliver top quality courses that promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Strong linkages between institutions and the industry also ensure that courses stay industry-relevant and dynamic. Singapore is an open and cosmopolitan city, and today plays host to more than 86,000 international students of 120 nationalities, promising a vibrant mix of cultures and ideas.

Singapore’s global economy is also home to over 7,000 multinational corporations and over 110,000 professional expatriates. This offers excellent networking and career opportunities in a myriad of industries, ranging from established sectors like engineering and finance, to new growth sectors, such as digital media and tourism. As a choice destination for advanced education, Singapore distinguishes itself by providing a safe and conducive environment to nurture tomorrow’s global leaders. Come, be a part of Singapore’s global schoolhouse; uncover your potential, and discover the abundant opportunities that Singapore will open to you.