Sound Mind in a Sound Body

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by Rachna Daryani: The daily stresses of life are known to take a toll on both, our mind and body . Its quite a challenge in this modern world of ours, to maintain our physical and mental well being!

I often ponder, that while we do not hesitate to go to a doctor when we are physically ill , we sure are reluctant to reach out to a professional counsellor or therapist to resolve our emotional problems?

Why do we suffer in silence, when we are having trouble coping?

Why are we reluctant to admit we are sad, lonely, hurt and need someone to help us regain control of our lives ?

The history of human evolution shows a definitive co-relation between our physical health and psychological well-being.  As our mental health deteriorates , our physical health can worsen. And if our physical health deteriorates, one can feel “depressed”.

Getting help in dealing with anguish, heartbreaks, grief,  dilemmas, emotions and stressful situations is as imperative as getting help with a medical problem like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems etc.

Through therapy one can discover ways to overcome difficulties, learn about ourselves, acknowledge shortcomings, develop inner strengths,  make positive changes in ourselves and our lives .
Perhaps it just feels good to have a person to talk to, someone who listens but doesn’t judge and offers complete confidentiality !

I hope one day the Veil of Taboo is lifted and people realize there is nothing wrong with getting help with problems that are difficult to solve alone. In fact,  It takes a lot of inner strength , determination, courage, self-awareness and maturity to accept the situation and look for solutions instead of ignoring problems and allowing them to fester!

So If you are feeling stressed or sad, If you miss smiling like you did before and your life seems to be spinning out of control, Reach out……

by Rachna Daryani

Practitioners Degree in Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH Singapore)

Member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis