Stop the emotional yo-yo with Yoga


Often, when you sit to pause through a busy day, we can count the different moments we live throughout the day. The moments of being angry, being lost, being mad at someone, feeling lonely, lost and the laundry list doesn’t end here. Sometimes, it goes from one end to another end of a tissue roll. The lucky ones are those who sit back, reconcile with themselves for a minute or two to go through the happenings of the day and can move on. For some others, it’s like living on the edge.

Our emotions, sometimes oscillates like the pendulum, commonly known mood swings. These can be because of many factors –external and internal which are working around us and within us.

Although there are many scientific reasons of mood swings like hormonal imbalance and abnormal level of neurotransmitters etc. The major cause of mood swings is inability to manage STRESS in daily life.

Stress can be due to anything such as work pressure, relationship problems and health issues.

Whatever the factors be – mood swings affect everyone and everything that belongs to our small world.

Here’s the great news – according to yogic wisdom, we are beyond mood swings and strong enough to face different situations with an equanimous state of mind. And it’s easy to deal with tumultuous emotions. The secret lies in your mind and body and breath.

There are some easy yoga poses which helps to relieve stress and helps to remove the barrage of emotions.

Here is what you can do when you come across different mood swings next time. Yoga at its best, yoga for the mood swings!

  1. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana): Holding this pose for a couple of minute relaxes the mind. It also helps to combat stress and depression.
  2. Head to knee forward bend (janushirshasana): This pose helps in calming the mind and relieves mild depression. It also relaxes spine and back muscles and relieves stress.
  3. Cobra pose ( Bhujhangasan):It’s a heart opening pose which expands the lungs and fills it with fresh air which helps in eradicating all the stress and fill the mind with happy feelings.
  4. Child’s Pose ( shishuasana): This pose can induce feelings of calm and help put the mind in meditative state, which brings relaxation and relief from stress.
  5. Shavasana (Corpse Pose): This pose doesn’t require any twisting and bending. It needs simple lying down on the back and come in terms with the breath. This pose brings extreme relaxation to mind as well as body which also calms the mind.

Stop the emotional yo-yo with Yoga

Do remember, Yoga postures are most effective when teamed with Meditation and Pranayamas like alternate nostril breathing and bhastrikaPranayam. It would be even advisable to enrol in a course like the Sri Sri Yoga program which teaches these techniques so that you are confident about practicing the asanas and breathing techniques on your own.

We also recommend the Sudarshan Kriya, a special breathing technique, which helps to release stress and gain energy.
It’s worth it to take a pause and reflect on yourself and your life and take affirmative steps which will reinforce yourself. So, don’t let a bad traffic jam, a conflict at work, or too many chores ruin your day. Just breath, meditate and jam with yoga.
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