Stress – Busting Tips

Stress - Busting Tips
  • Mercilessly toss out junk mail as soon as soon as you’ve read it. If you let it pile up, you’ll feel like you’re leaving a job undone.
  • Make your commute less pressured by allotting more time. And make it more pleasant by listening to tapes of books or music.
  • Designate a couple of hours a week for fixing the minor annoyances in your life. Sew on missing buttons, tighten doorknobs, check pantyhose for runs, and toss old receipts from your wallet.
  • Get a cat or a dog. If it doesn’t seem like too much work, a pet can make you more resilient to stress, a recent study suggests.
  • Start a regular exercise program. You’ve heard it before, but it’s really true that physical activity even for 15 minutes a day  reduces your feelings of pressure and also short-circuits stress’s deleterious effects on your health.