TDIS, The Creamy Indian Flavour


TDIS-1Great minds have purposes, whereas others have merely wishes!  TDIS is strongly believed to be an educational system that focuses on empowering students with appropriate life skills and a sound knowledge domain bearing particular relevance in the context of a globalize world.

The rigorous academic program and wide array of sporting and non-sporting options provide ample opportunity for students to acquire life skills and become life long learners. The school in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavor of every system and all the vision and breadth of modern education. It was founded as a distinctive and distinguished school. At the school, we deliver wholesome and sound education to build a true citizen of the new millennium. The school actively encourages strong links with parents.

TDIS-3Texmaco DPS International School was founded during the year 1995-96 as Texmaco International School. It’s aim was to impart quality education for the Indian emigrants in Indonesia. The school offers the educational patterns of Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi (CBSE). The CBSE education in India is the most favored curriculum and is pursued in more than 6000 schools in India and 18 schools abroad. The Delhi Public School Society is a non-profit premier educational institution in India with more than 130 schools spread across the world besides numerous schools in India. The school is affiliated by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi since 1998. The standard of academics and activities are on par with any other schools affiliated to DPSS. TDIS believes in life skill education. TDIS is a culturally rich community co-existing harmoniously in a wholesome environment. TDIS is located in lush green, pollution free surroundings in Karawang, it is spread across a sprawling 25,000 sq.metre with a built up area of 2,500 sq.metre.

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Academic Excellence
Creating Independent Learners, Who Can Reach Their Full Potential!

TDIS-4Individual education in a close-knit is what TDIS offers. Academic standards are high and, although it is by no means an academic ‘hothouse’, our children often find that they are academically well ahead when they move on to their next school. TDIS is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence in the rich Indian tradition.

TDIS is a school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. We are fully accredited by the CBSE, New Delhi, India and IGCSE, U.K… We promote the value of the individual as we encourage mutual respect through our traditions. Through active learning techniques that include critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, students will be prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing multicultural society. We are committed to student achievement. We emphasize tough academic standards, professionalism, and community service.

TEACHING STYLE: We ponder unlike!!
From an early age, children at TDISeeans are encouraged to express their own ideas, to defend their viewpoint coherently and courteously and to work as independently as possible. General knowledge is recognized as being important and, despite the School’s rural location, students are well informed about current affairs and are perfectly at home with all aspects of communication technology. Pupils are afforded the opportunity to continue their education outside of the classroom by community projects in which the school is involved and visits to the many beautiful areas of educational interest.

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