Teeth Talk

healthy teeth

Teeth Talk

Is a visit to the dentist one of your worst fears coming true? The daily drill: here it is straight from the dentist’s mouth: brush your teeth when you get up in the a.m. after a snack and before your head hits the pillow (bedtime brushing should always include good flossing). To really keep teeth in fab shape and reduce the chance of bacterial buildup and decay, brush after every meal, including snacks.

Toothsome Tools

Maximise your cavity-combating efforts with a soft-bristle brush in a size that’s comfortable in your mouth (adult or child; small, medium or large head), toothpaste with fluoride and floss. There are special toothpastes for sensitive gums to whiten teeth but if you have these concerns, check with your dentist first.

Habits to Break

You know the no-no’s: candy, particularly sticky stuff like caramels can cause megadecay. Gnawing on pencils, biting nails and chomping ice can chip your teeth. As for smoking, it not only causes cancer but can also result in tooth decay.

Habits to Make

Get into the groove of twice annual dental checkups, which should include a thorough cleaning and X-rays at least once a year. If you settle into a good tooth care routine, you’ll be eager to get to those appointments to show off your pearly whites.