The best strategies for dealing with doubt (which we all experience)

The best strategies for dealing with doubt (which we all experience)

Sending you a big hi from a (very) sunny Qatar. I hope you are having a super day and a great week wherever you are on this amazing planet of hours.

I thought I might talk today about this ‘doubt’ thing (aka the inner gremlins) because I had a wee case of it the other day. In fact it was actually while I was over here in Doha doing a presentation on health and happiness for a group from ExxonMobil. A great group of people.

I had a touch of the self-doubt stuff going on before and even during my presentation, and recently I was with a good friend who was going through their own version of self-doubt and lack of self trust – so I figured it was time to share some of my thoughts and strategies on dealing with the inner gremlins or demons or whatever version you have going on.

Actually, the very first thing is realising that we all have inner doubts. You are not alone. Regardless of how much you think the ‘other person’ has it together, I will let you in on a secret. They too, have their doubtful days.

So the key is, how do we deal with doubt? And that is exactly what we will be working on today. Get ready to get some new tools for dealing with gremlins.

It is quite bizarre being back in Qatar, after living here for a couple of years in 2005/2006. I feel the place has changed a lot (more people and buildings), but also it feels pretty much the same. Same desert, sun, blue skies, dust and SUV’s.

Ok. Enough of the social stuff. Let’s get onto hunting gremlins.

Have a super awesome day!


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