The Reasons Why You Should Choose Flip


Flip Globe is an international transfer service for everybody, which can be easily accessed through Flip app. Currently, we have 55+ countries available on Flip Globe, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, India, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, and all countries in Europe.

Why Choose Flip Globe to Send Money Abroad?

1. Best Rate

Our rate is always equal to or even cheaper than the selling rate of Bank Indonesia, much lower than the exchange rate at your conventional banks.

2. No Hidden Fees

Using Flip Globe means no provision fees, bank correspondence fees, telex fees, or any other additional fees. Your funds will arrive at the destination account for the amount stated at the time your transaction is made.

3. Real-Time Transaction Status

No need to worry. Flip will always keep you updated with your transaction status by email. You can also check the status of your remittances in the app.

4. Best Support Team

Still unsure or worried about sending money overseas? Our support team is ready to help and make sure your money goes smoothly.

5. Secure

Sending money with Flip Globe is secure because Flip is registered and supervised by Bank Indonesia with license number 18/196/DKSP/68.

The Safest Way to Send Money Online

To enjoy a seamless transaction without any distractions and other obstacles, here are some tips on how to avoid fraud and send money safely:

1. Look for credible, appropriate verifications

Before you send money overseas, you need to make sure of the right medium or app to choose. Flip Globe has the required verification from Bank Indonesia. If you’re wondering why not OJK, that’s because OJK only regulates banks, insurance, capital markets, and other financial industries while Flip is a fund transfer service.

2. Observe, and don’t rush

In making transfers abroad safely, you need to double-check and read everything carefully. Make sure to make the proper transfer and be careful in doing your transactions and sending money abroad.

3. Never underestimate things that don’t make sense

Scammers would spend a great deal of time and effort weaving in targeted, personalized, and realistic-looking schemes to make their bait seem real. If the message looks genuine, but the request itself is unusual, be sure to verify its authenticity before sending money.

4. Choose a trusted money transfer provider

The preventive action you can take is to use a secure provider to send money overseas safely. You can try Flip Globe for international transactions safely with the best rates, real-time transaction status, the best service, and no hidden fees. Whether it’s business or personal, avoiding fraud is one of the most important actions to take. This will make it easier for you to safely make overseas transactions without a hassle.

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