The Value of Minimalism in Your Everyday Life


The minimalist lifestyle requires that we live simply, live intentionally and keep moving forward. These three mottos are the driving mottos behind the minimalist lifestyle, for it is the complete opposite for what society has been following through all these years: that ‘more’ is ‘more’.

1. Live Simply



Living simply is not an easy thing to do these days. In a society that demands ‘more’ is ‘more’, having the opposite lifestyle is not easy. Luckily, minimalism is making a comeback and it’s here to stay. Minimalism- though it seems like a new concept-is actually quite an old concept that has been mentioned thoroughly in Christianity, Buddhism and many more. But the concept of minimalism itself is not specifically religious, and you don’t have to be religious to be a minimalist.

Seeking Happiness in Non-Material Things

Modern culture has us believing that having things can equal happiness. That the more things, the more prestige will give you everlasting sense of joy. In short, happiness can be purchased at the department store. But happiness is much more than that, and embracing minimalism will show you where to seek happiness. In your journey to minimalism, you will face the truth: that happiness is found in relationships, experiences, and soul-care. Minimalism, therefore, lets us see all that we already have and reminds us to be grateful. In doing so, we find a more abundant life.

Remove the Unnecessary

A part of living a simpler life is getting rid of the junk in your life. We may not want to admit that we have tons of junk, but the truth is there are a lot of stuff in our lives that we could live without. The word ‘junk’ in the minimalist lifestyle could be a lot of things: clothes, items, furniture and even the hurt and pain in your life. Among the many things that you can discard in your life, some of the most influential that hurt us the most would be busy schedules, handling too many responsibilities, detrimental relationships, or past hurts and offenses. Set yourself free of the hurt and pain that is holding you down by letting go. Although it is easier said than done, all the things mentioned above are things within your control. You can choose to live in the past (which does you no good), or you can choose to live in the present and leave the past behind you. You decide the course of life you want.

Know What You Want

Other than removing the unnecessary items and hurt in your life, you must also focus on what you TRULY want. That focus and intention to live life will narrow down what you DO want and what needs to be changed. By doing that, you can make clear and decisive decisions about what is important to you. Without making such decisions, you will float by with whatever life hands you rather than grab fate by the horns. Even worse, you risk of living your life to chance or to someone else to make that decision for you. Which is why it’s important to stay focused and be intentional about the things you already have and things you want to keep in your life.

2. Live Intentionally

Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Unfortunately, you never know what can happen from one day to the next. So the very best you can do would be to learn to live each day, taking it one day at a time lest you overwhelm yourself. By living your life with purpose and direction, you are making sure that each day counts for something.

Live Each Day As Is

Our tip to live intentionally is: to live each day for what it is. Regret is a strong and useless emotion that will hold you back today for what has happened in the past. Don’t waste precious minutes of the day to be upset about what would have, could have, or should have. Focusing right now would be the right move, as you can change the future by doing what needs to be done right now. By all means, look to the future, but live in the present. Do what needs to be done now.

Take It Slow

Everything in our world runs at a quick pace. We are hurried, rushed, stressed and exhausted beyond all measure. We work passionately in order to pay the bills-but fall quicker every time to more debt. We rush from one activity to another-sometimes even multitasking along the way-unfortunately we never seem to get anything done. Cellphone technology has made us more connected than ever, yet we rarely experience the value of true life-changing relationships.

If you are one of these people, then minimalism will surely be a change in your life. Becoming a minimalist will slow down your fast-paced lifestyle and free you from its bonding chains. You will learn to disengage while stressed, keep only what is essential in your life, remove the frivolous and keep the significant. You will live your life with intention, adding more value everyday.

3. Keep Moving Forward

The last motto to keep is to move forward, no matter what happens. Even though something happens that sets you back from your goals, keep moving forward. When things are messed up beyond repair, keep moving forward. Even when all seems hopeless, keep moving forward. Because that is the thing you need to do even when all seems to break apart at the seams.

Failure is a success in progress

No one likes to fail. That is clear. But the thing about failure is that is an undeniable part of achieving success. Yes, it is very fearful to experience failure. But how do we know if something is not working for us without experiencing the failure first? For that reason, we should be embracing failure rather than fear it. Albert Einstein once said, “Failure is success in progress.“ Take your failures head-on and keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes.

Take one step at a time to achieve your goals

Achieving a large goal is not easy, so you may need to take it one step at a time. In order to make it measurable, try to do something related to your goals on a daily basis. Your persistence will create progress to your goals, and in no time you will be achieving your goal! One step at a time, one day at a time, keep moving forward!

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