The Yin-Yang Dance


Sheela says: Nature’s objective must be for life to keep flowing. Procreation and Preservation form the crux of this Dance. Different Life forms on earth have their own way of contributing to this flow.

A New-born is the link in this eternal chain. It could be a baby; it could be an idea. Nature made this a joint responsibility of Two Basic Attributes.

‘Nurturing Instinct ‘ and ‘Providers Enterprise’ the Yin and the Yang.

The Yin and the Yang. Equal and Opposite qualities that are bound together as parts of a whole. Interestingly, it is said that when one quality reaches its peak, it will naturally begin to transform into the opposite quality.

Human Beings, Man and Woman, have also been endowed with intellect so that they can add value to the flow of Life!

HarmonyFor centuries the Man was predominantly Yang and the Woman Yin .So they divided their Labor Accordingly. He became the Bread winner and She the Nurturer.

Over a period of time, as evolution happens, the Yin, the Woman has reached her peak and started morphing into Yang.  And so the line of demarcation has begun to blur. The Woman has started realising that she is home equally to both the Nurturing Instinct and the Provider’s Enterprise. That she can choose to employ either one of the attributes or combine strengths of the two at any given point of time. And she has started exercising that choice.

If only we carried this intrinsic truth perspective to the so-called Feminism Phenomenon! All of us, Men and Women would look at this as a Natural Dance Flow of the Universe. We would stop fighting for Man-Woman equality; Men wouldn’t consider Women a threat; Women wouldn’t push themselves to ‘Lean In’.

And so I think the need of the hour is to understand this eternal truth and educate both boys and girls on how to manage this Current Imbalance in Nature. Both need to know that the transformation of the Yin has already started and we are struggling to cope with the changes. The transformation of the Yang to the Yin is soon to follow and that will bring in its own set of challenges. We need to equip ourselves to work around that in the near future.

Then we all, both the men and the women, together, will be working on perfecting the art of participating in a Universal Dance. We will stop this Man Vs Woman thingy that we are wasting our breath on.

by Sheela Sanjeevi