Tips on Home Work

Tips on Home Work

Homework continues to be the “nagging” issue for teachers, parents and students. Here are seven tips on managing homework by creating an environment at home that puts across the message, “Homework Is To Be Done.”

 1. Make the point that education is important and keep making it. Parents need to let children know that this is what they value.

2. Prepare a work space at home. It can be almost any place, from a lapboard to to a space with a table, chair and lamp.
3. Develop with children a schedule for homework and for chores around the house. List these on a calendar, day by day, week by  week.
4. Convey the impression that your children can do the job. If they are hesitant, remind them of previous accomplishments. Be encouraging, and be specific. A child who feels capable will be more willing to try things.
5. Help children, as needed, to break down a job into manageable steps that can be done one step at a time. This works both for household jobs like cleaning their room and doing big homework assignments.
6. Pick the time for homework with care. In some homes, early morning is the best time; in others, it’s after supper. TV should be off and the telephone off limits.
7. Reminders to Ourselves: Let’s not worry about what we might not have done in the past. Let’s start where we are now. This is the way we improve our children’s success for now and later…and our own, too.