What is Stopping You from becoming MORE Happy, Successful, Energetic, etc?


This is What Can STOP You Being More.

Having More. Experiencing More.

By Carl Massy: One of the biggest mistakes we can make and a killer to getting to the next level of our potential in all aspects of our lives.

Pulling the shutters down on POSSIBILITY

Have you heard of that smart Chinese dude from 500BC (ish) called Confucius? Do you remember what he said? He said the more he knows, the more he realises how little he knows. I like this quote of his:

     “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

 Why we do what we do

Beliefs are the building blocks of our wisdom and choices in life. And when I talk about beliefs, I actually like to call them ‘stories’ because pretty much all of them are not FACTS. They are not 100% true, in 100% of cases, 100% of the time. They are just stories and not of the non-fiction variety. In fact many of them would be best placed in the Children’s Section.

So here is my hypothesis as to why someone might reject new knowledge:

–  It scares them to know a bigger truth

–  It might mean the situation they are in, is actually of their doing, or they have a lot of responsibility in the results and they don’t want to admit that to themselves or others

–  It might mean what they are have to acknowledge they have been doing something ‘wrong’ for the last 20 years

– They are scared of the ‘unknown’ (a very human hardwired response)

–  It is in conflict with a story they have told so many times, that they identify with the story and fear loosing their ‘identity’ (which really is just a ‘story’ and not ‘truth’)

–  They want to stay in ignorance in their ‘comfort zone’ which actually might be physically and emotional painful to them, but the painful feelings are ‘familiar’ to them – so better to stay with what
you know

Here is the ANTIDOTE

It starts with ‘C’ and rhymes with courage. And yes I am being that 44-year old kid. 😉

The antidote IS COURAGE.

I found this take on a modern day warrior from a book I read many years ago.

A warrior is someone that chooses to step into the unknown to find the answers to the questions they have on their mind (in order to grow and gain wisdom). But here is the kicker. A true warrior steps into the unknown, knowing full well there is a good chance they may not find the answers they are looking for. But they step into the unknown regardless.

This act requires courage, faith, a sprinkle of fairy dust, open-mindedness, and a willingness to be wrong. In fact a willingness and open-heartedness to realise for your entire life you may have been wrong. That is true courage. Another ‘C’ word that is essential is practicing compassion by being to be ok with yourself for having it wrong or using the wrong information for all these years. It’s ok to be wrong. It is not ok to know you are wrong, and still keep doing what you have always done. That is otherwise known as dumb.

Moving forward into Growth, Success, Abundance, and Fulfillment

Never stop learning and never stop growing. If you do, kiss goodbye to wisdom and fulfillment in life. And probably your mental faculties past the age of 65.

Approach life with courage and an open mind. Realise YOU ONLY KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW. Don’t just go through life defending your old knowledge. Open up to learning more. That is why I never stop reading. It is superfood for the brain.

Actually our man Confucius also said: To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.

So next time you feel yourself closing down because you are hearing something you don’t know, or is in conflict with your current beliefs (stories), have the COURAGE to listen with an open mind. You may still choose to discard it, but you may also find within that new knowledge are the keys that unlock the door to your true potential, your most fulfilling life’s work and your greatest adventure!

Imagine if you missed out on that ride!…How hard would you kick yourself!?!?! In fact, I would have to kick you too. 😉


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