What, When and How of FOOD !!!


By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: No love is more serene than the love of Food. It goes without saying that Food definately is the most important part of each living being. It is the food that makes us i.e the food we eat turns into flesh. And thus good food makes you good and bad food makes you bad both mentally and physically. It is said that for a healthy life a good ratio should be 20% of exercise and 80% of good food.

So lets explore the basic dimentions of FOOODDDDD…
What, When and How of  FOOD !!!
What to Eat !!!
A very simple and easy answer to this is that eat what your mom, grand mom and great grand mom ate. Because that is what you are made up of. Your DNA and Genes consists of that and thus your body will automatically identify that food and easily digest it. And not what they ate when they ate will also define your cycle.

Emphasise on eating fresh food. According to the Yogic culture, food should be consumed within one and half hours of the preparation time and maximum 4 hours, after that the food starts losing its nutrition value.

And don’t forget that our mother nature is always cooking for us. Relish seasonal fruits and vegetables.

What, When and How of  FOOD !!!When to Eat !!!  
Eat when you are hungry. Don’t stuff yourself when you are not hungry for the sake of eating small portions. Ask your tummy and often listen to it. Atleast keep a 6-8 hours gap between two major meals. In between you must have fruits and nuts. The reason for the gap is that only when your stomach is empty then only your extretory system will function to its fullest. Make sure that you have your meal atleast 3 hours before you go to bed.
Start your day with nuts or local fruit then followed by tea/coffee and breakfast. Tea and coffee shouldn’t be the first meal of your day, as it creates tendency of acidity.

What, When and How of  FOOD !!!How to Eat !!!   
In every religion, there is a food prayer before we eat. The reason is that we cut all the distraction and give full attention to the food we are eating.  Each and very bite should be slow enough so that each and every cell of the body knows what is entering in the system. Ideally, food should be chewed 32 times but minimum number is 20-24 times per bite. We all have studied in the school that digestion process starts from the mouth but we have to give time to begin this process. Before the saliva starts excreting and dissolving itself with the food, the bite is already gulped.

What, When and How of  FOOD !!!
Awareness is very important towards your food. Food is way beyond just a number (calorie).  It is truly the very essance of your life.
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