#WhereToEat: Indian Restaurants in Surabaya


The growing economic development has led to an inflow of diverse people from across the globe to Surabaya, the capital of east Java, including many people of Indian origin. So it is not surprising that a few Indian restaurants have emerged. Although the flavor of the foods have been adjusted to suit Indonesian’s taste, but those restaurants are the ‘remedy’ for those who are missing Indian cuisine.

Here are 5 Indian restaurants in Surabaya that you need to try:

Sitara Indian Cuisine


Upon entering the restaurant, you will feel the strong Indian influence. There is a sign with ‘Sitara’ written in Indian on it. The Ganesha statue on the corner of the room also adds the Indian vibes in this restaurant. As for the foods, Sitara serves around 150 Indian food menus such as Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Tandoori and other Indian specialty cuisines.

Jalan Hayam Wuruk 54 A Surabaya, East Java (Inside of Brawijaya Driving Range)
Phone 031-5616218/5667353

The Golden Saffron

the golden saffron

There are more than 50 Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus in this restaurant with very affordable prices—only Rp18,000 to Rp155,000! The chef in this restaurant also is also Indians, so it is guaranteed that you can taste the authenticity of the menus.

Lenmarc Mall, Level G Unit 37-38, Jalan Bukit Darmo Boulevard, Surabaya
Phone 031-51162987

Assalam Bistro & Café

Assalam Bistro & Café

Although the size of this restaurant is quite small, but it is clean and neat. The prices are also very affordable, only around Rp10,000 – Rp50,000. This restaurant is not only serving Indian cuisines, but also Malaysian and other Asian menus.

Jalan Margorejo No 60-68, Komplek Papaya Margorejo, Surabaya
Phone 031-8477322
Although the number of Indian restaurants in Surabaya is very small, but these restaurants are enough to indulge your crave to Indian cuisines. Let’s hope that there will be more and more Indian restaurants in Surabaya as well as in other cities.