Why Do Red Roses Signify Love?

Tell someone special you love them with a bouquet of roses
Tell someone special you love them with a bouquet of roses

Red roses make Valentine’s Day special – whether you give your loved one a single red rose or five dozen red roses, roses are romantic!

Some facts:
The word ‘rose’ means red or pink and is derived from different languages, mainly Greek and Latin. In ancient times, roses were considered a vital ingredient in the making of love potions. Whether they ever worked or not we don’t know. The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was also associated with the rose and there is a story about the creation of the rose in ancient Greek mythology where Chloris, the goddess of flowers created the rose by giving life to a nymph. Aphrodite gave her beauty, Dionysus, nectar and the three Graces, charm, brightness and joy.

Roses have become an universal symbol of love and been represented over time in numerous classical paintings, poetry and music. Roses have inspired many, across various cultures around the world to this day. While the rose has inspired many, it has over time emerged as the symbol of romance and thus very popular on Valentine’s Day. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and a most proper way to say โ€œI love youโ€.

According to some traditions, the number of roses you give also has meaning:

  1. No roses – means you are sleeping on the sofa
  2. Single rose means ‘One and Only Love’ or ‘Love at First Sight’
  3. Twelve roses means ‘Be Mine!’
  4. Twenty Four roses say ‘I am Yours!’
  5. 99 roses means ‘Forever Love’
  6. 100 roses means ‘Marry Me’

Where it all started:
In pre-Victorian times, much of the population was illiterate. So instead of writing love letters, they sent flowers instead as a way to express their feelings. This continued on into the Victorian era and became a clever way for a young lady’s admirer to express his feelings towards her. Even today, roses are considered to signify love, passion, romance and attraction.

Since roses and other flowers were considered to represent love, over time the red rose came to signify love and romance. People think of the human heart as red in colour and the heart also signifies love, thus came the tradition of sending your loved one or even just the person you are secretly infatuated with a Rose or a Number of Roses: budget depending.

There are distinct varieties of roses, and many different colours such as yellow, white, orange, pink and mauve. There are even different varieties of red roses, such as Black Magic, which is a crimson rose, Black Baccara which is almost black in colour with velvety soft petals and the Magnum, a tightly shaped rose bud that is bright

Valentine’s Day

If you want to spoil your Girlfriend, Wife, Boyfriend, Husband, Secret Love, Special Friend or Significant Other on Valentine’s Day, then why not show how much you love them and send them flowers. Everyone likes to feel special and beautiful roses will definitely make us all feel extra special on the day.

There is also nothing worse than being the only person in the office who didn’t receive a card or flowers on this most romantic day of the year….

If you find it hard to talk about your feelings, roses will help. Use them to express your feelings. If you have found it hard to pluck up the courage to let someone know how much you care for them, why not say it with roses instead?

Roses Only can send a dozen red roses or even just a single rose for Valentine’s Day top your loved one. Rose delivery is available for over 300 cities in India. So why not send your special someone roses on Valentines Day?