Yayasan Peduli Anak in Lombok


When the founder of Peduli Anak Foundation, Chaim Fetter, was traveling through the rural areas of Indonesia in 2005, he was confronted with the lives of street children. Moved by the harsh conditions under which they grow up and their lack of any opportunity towards a better life, he decided to make a difference. Together with his childhood friend he founded the Peduli Anak Foundation in Lombok, Indonesia.

Interview with Chaim Fetter on the Kick Andy Show:

Peduli Anak is a non-profit organization that fights for the rights for the underprivileged children on Lombok by providing shelter, education, medical support, advocacy and family care programs. Currently, almost 10 years later, Peduli Anak employs almost 60 local staff and provides residential care, family care, medical and healthcare services to hundreds of underprivileged children.

Watch Peduli Anak’s introduction movie below:

Visit the foundation whenever you travel to Lombok. Peduli Anak foundation also welcomes participation as a volunteer. As a Peduli Anak volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to work in a complete different culture with underprivileged children. Volunteers work alongside local staff to assist in the day-to-day running of the foundation and school.The general volunteer work involves teaching English, computer, tutoring math, arts, sports, helping in the clinic, teaching in music class, training or workshop for counselors/teachers, maintenance work, marketing and so on. Volunteer may also choose to help in Peduli Anak school or in one of Peduli Anak Programs such as Child and Family Care Welfare and Outreach program. Volunteers are always welcome to propose a new project/activity relevant to Peduli Anak general work.


  • 18 years or older (except children with accompanying adults and school volunteers)
  • Relevant education degree
  • CV
  • References with contact information (min. 2)
  • A Certificate of Good Behavior from authorized authorities (for applicants without references)
  • Willing to abide by Peduli Anak Protocols and Child Protection Policy
  • Willing to understand and respect the local culture
  • Enthusiastic, hard-working, flexible, creative, and committed

The program is open to individuals and group (including family and interns).

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, click here and if you have any questions, feel free to send message.

Contact Renée Corstens at contact@pedulianak.org

Sustainable Development Manager @ Peduli Anak Foundation