1-Day Itinerary to Discover Solo in the Heart of Java

1-Day Itinerary to Discover Solo in the Heart of Java
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Solo, also known as Surakarta, is a vibrant city located in the heart of Central Java, Indonesia. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Solo offers visitors a unique blend of history, tradition, and modernity.

Solo City offers a rich cultural and culinary experience, and this one-day trip will give you a taste of its beauty and history:

6.00-8.00 AM – Start your day with a hearty breakfast of Nasi Liwet and souvenir shopping at Pasar Gede

Start Your Day with a Hearty Breakfast of Nasi Liwet and Souvenir Shopping at Pasar Gede

Start your day with a visit to Pasar Gede, Solo’s largest and oldest market. Enjoy a traditional Solo breakfast at one of the food stalls. Don’t miss the famous Nasi Liwet at Warung Nasi Liwet Bu Sri. Take some time to stroll around the market, where you can also pick up souvenirs.

8.30-9.30 AM – Explore Vastenburg Fort

Explore Vastenburg Fort One Day Itinerary Solo City

After breakfast, take a short walk to Vastenburg Fort, a historical fort built in the colonial era. Explore the fort’s history and enjoy the view of the surrounding area. Built during the colonial era by the order of Governor-General Baron Van Imhoff in 1745, the fort served as a watchtower to oversee the Surakarta Palace, which ruled over Surakarta.

10.00-11.00 AM – Visit the Bank Indonesia Museum

Things You Need to Know about Museum Bank Indonesia

Head to the Museum Bank Indonesia, a beautiful building with European architectural influences. This museum provides insights into Indonesia’s financial history and is an excellent spot for photos.

11.15 AM-12.00 PM – Explore the Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat

Walk to the nearby Surakarta Palace which takes about 15 minutes. This royal palace serves as the official residence of the Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat and houses a museum with historical collections.

12.00-01.00 PM – Have Lunch at Kusuma Sari Solo Restaurant

Have Lunch at Kusuma Sari Solo Restaurant One Day Itinerary to Discover Solo City
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For lunch, try Rumah Makan Kusuma Sari Solo, a legendary restaurant offering a variety of Solo’s signature dishes. Don’t miss the Selat Solo, a local favorite. Established since 1970, this restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including Asian dishes, soups, salads, steaks, hot plates, and various snacks. It is located approximately 600 meters from the palace.

01.30-02.30 PM – Explore The Heritage Palace

Explore The Heritage Palace One Day Itinerary Solo City
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After refueling, continue your Solo exploration by visiting The Heritage Palace. This site used to be a sugar factory founded in 1892 but was transformed into a tourist attraction and officially opened in 2018. The Heritage Palace consists of an Outdoor Area, a 3D Trick Art Museum, and a Transportation Museum.

03.00-4.00 PM – Discover the Art of Batik at Kauman Batik Village

Discover the Art of Batik at Kauman Batik Village One Day Itinerary Solo City

If you’re in search of Solo’s distinctive Batik, head to Kauman Batik Village. Located in the heart of the city, this village not only offers the art of Batik-making but also the beauty of the surroundings and trendy cafes for relaxation.

04.30-05.00 PM – Satisfy your sweet tooth at Srabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Srabi Notosuman Ny

After a day of exploration, take a break and indulge in a Solo delicacy, Srabi. Unlike the thicker Bandung-style pancakes, Solo’s Srabi is thinner with a softer texture. Srabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia is one of the most renowned places to enjoy this Solo specialty.

Are you ready to explore Solo City in one day? If you have ever visited Solo, share your experience in the comment section below.