10 Tips for Traveling with Children


Ten Tips for Traveling with children
1. Buy trip cancellation insurance. Most airline tickets are non-refundable even with a medical note.
2. Pack at least two days worth of formula and diapers in your carry-on.
3. Bring lots of goodies-old and new! Make that trip to Toys-R-Us.
4. Try to request the bulkhead-lately an impossibility!
5. Schedule flights to coincide with your child nap or bedtime.
6. Get the hotel to supply as much as possible such as a crib and possibly a stroller.
7. Bring your own crib sheets and blankets. Most hotels provide crib sheets. They use regular sheets folded numerous times!
8. Book babysitters in advance, particularly at holiday times.
9. Pack snacks. Many flights no longer have meal service.
10. Bring your own infant seat for the plane. If there is an empty seat, the airline will gladly allow you to use it

Most Important-RELAX!
Children sense fear and stress all too quickly!