10 Tricks to Keep Your Clothes Last Longer


It’s really annoying to find out that your favorite black sweater has nearly faded to gray, or your favorite jeans have shrunk.

You can extend the life and maintain quality of your garments with some simple tips.

First, of course you need to follow the washing instruction that is attached on any kind of clothes. The rest are below:

Sort your clothes


There are many people combine everything in one load when doing laundry—colors, knits, delicates, whites, jeans, you name it. While this doesn’t seem as a big deal, it actually does. It’s important to separate certain materials and colors in one load each to make our clothes last longer. You know that your collection of white shirts isn’t supposed to be in one load with your favorite red dress, right?

Wash less


The washing (and drying) your clothes can do more damage to the clothes than everyday wear. Too much washing can lead to color fading and shrinking, and it is not good. A quick sniff test and a check on any stains will let you know if your clothes really need a wash; otherwise you can wash it another day. This is especially for thick materials like jeans.

Always close the zippers


Zip up the zippers on your jeans, hoodies, and other clothes so they don’t come into contact on other clothing in the washing machine. On the other hand, no need to button the buttons, as the buttons and buttonholes can be damaged.

Turn the clothes inside out


Turning all your clothing inside out before washing and when ironing will preserve the quality of them, especially the color.

Don’t use dryer too much


The temperatures and tumbling inside your dryer machine can shrink and fade the color of your clothes. It’s better to invest at least one clothes rack to hang dry your clothes, especially those with delicate materials. Just don’t put the dryer directly under the sun, as it could also damage your clothes.

Use the right hangers


Wire and plastic hangers are the culprits behind the weird ‘bumps’ and awkward shapes on your clothes. Get wooden or padded hangers that can give proper support to your clothes, and boost the longevity of your clothes.

Store them properly


Not all clothes should be hanged, nor should every piece should be folded. Knit and other stretchy materials should be folded to keep their shapes, while dress clothes should be on supportive hangers. All of your clothes should be stored in dry, clean space with enough air circulations to prevent fungi.

Use cold water


Using cold water for washing does not only save money and energy, it also saves your clothing. Hot clothing may make the washing easier, but it causes some clothing to shrink and wrinkle.

Take a special care for delicates


Certain materials like lace, silk, nylon, and undergarments really need special care when washing, because these materials are prone to tearing, stretching, shrinking, and deteriorating. Always wash these materials in mild detergent and never put them into a washing machine.

Steam regularly


Use a steamer to refresh your clothes and release wrinkles. Steam is gentler than ironing, as the steam plumps up fibers rather than flattening them.