10 Unique Uses of Lip Balm


10 Unique Uses of Lip Balms

A lip balm is probably one thing that we always keep in our purse for one main reason: to fix chapped lips.

Well, it turns out that a tube of lip balm has much more than that. Just like coconut oil, it is a versatile thing that you may have not considered before.

A little note: for most of these uses, plain (uncolored, unflavored) lip balm varieties are recommended.

Wipe out nose irritation

When you’re having a cold or flu, you often repeatedly wiping and blowing your nose. However, it often results in a dry, irritated, and red skin around or inside the nose. Get fast relief by running a finger over your tube of lip balm, then wiping the finger over irritated areas.

Tame flyaway hair

A bad hair day is indeed annoying, but your lip balm will come to the rescue. Simply swipe your fingers over your lip balm and gently smooth flyaway hair back into place.

Eye cream alternative

Lip balm can substitute for eye cream to counter baggy and puffy eyes. Rub some on your clean ring finger and gently dab under your eyes. It will work better if you leave the lip balm on the skin overnight. See how a lip balm can work as good as an expensive eye cream.

Cuticle cream

If you notice a cracked cuticle that is threatening to become a painful hangnail, head it off by applying a bit of lip balm to the affected area.

Mascara alternative

Running out of mascara? Smear a disposable mascara wand with your lip balm, and wear it to thicken your eyelashes. Well, it may not work as good as mascara, but it sure will make your eyelashes appear thicker.

Smooth stray eyebrows

If your wayward eyebrows make you like haven’t plucked them for years, just apply a little lip balm to calm them down. It works like eyebrows wax that groom wild hair, and make your eyebrow products stay longer.

Prevent blisters from shoes

Blisters from shoes are a result of friction between the shoe and your foot. If your shoe is rubbing and you cannot change into a different pair right away, you can minimize friction and avoid a painful blister by applying a thin layer of lip balm to the area.

Remove sticker residue

Sticker residue is indeed annoying. Dissolve that residue by applying a layer of clear lip balm to the area. Wait for 10 minutes, then wipe away the lip balm and loosened residue with a clean cloth.

Erase mascara smudges

Mascara smudges from sweating, crying, or allergies can be erased using a bit of lip balm. Don’t worry; it won’t affect any makeup you’re wearing underneath.

Fix a stuck zipper

Smear a small amount of lip balm over the zipper’s teeth where it’s stuck. This will lubricate the zipper parts and help them slide against each other smoothly.