31 Questions to Answer For A More Fulfilling Life


We go through everyday life finishing our chores, doing our work and hopefully, enjoying life. As day by day passes by, we look forward to making new plans. We don’t think about when it all ends. More often than not, it needs a near death experience for many of us to reconsider our choices in life. But it’s not too late. Lead a more fulfilling life by answering these questions below.

  1. Am I Living in the Moment?
  2. Do I Cherish Every Second With My Loved Ones?
  3. Do I Treat Everyone With Respect and Kindness?
  4. Am I Being Harmful With My Words or Actions?
  5. Am I Myself in All Situations, No Matter What?
  6. Is My Heart Open?
  7. Do I Take Anything for Granted?
  8. Am I Putting Enough Effort Into My Relationships?
  9. Do I let Matters That Are Out of My Control Stress Me Out?
  10. Am I Taking Care of Myself Physically?
  11. Am I Achieving the Goals That I’ve Set for Myself?
  12. Am I Holding onto Something I Need to Let Go Of?
  13. When Did I Last Push the Boundaries of My Comfort Zone?
  14. Am I Serving Others?
  15. Do I Have a Purpose?
  16. What’s the One Thing I’d Like Others to Remember About Me at the End of My Life?
  17. Am I the Best Version of Myself?
  18. If you had no fear or doubt and nothing was holding you back, what would you do with your life?
  19. Am I using my time wisely?
  20. Am I employing a healthy perspective?
  21. If this were the last day of my life, would I have the same plans for today?
  22. What matters most in my life?
  23. What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?
  24. Why do I matter?
  25. What have I given up on?
  26. To what degree have I actually controlled the course of my life?
  27. When all is said and done, what will I have said more than I’ve done?
  28. What’s important to me?
  29. Am I living a life that is meaningful to me?
  30. Am I learning from my mistakes?
  31. Do I forgive people?