4 Tips to Natural Healing


Natural Healing

A connection to the natural world – even just contact with it – is an important element of your well – being.

Here are some suggestions on how even the simplest ties to the natural world can boost your health:

  1. Observe an aquarium to reduce Stress. For patients scheduled to undergo oral surgery, looking an aquarium for 30 minutes was more relaxing than sitting quietly or looking a picture of a waterfall.
  2. Visit a garden to soothe your spirit. For a woman who had suffered a severe stoke, visiting a hospital greenhouse was the turning point in her recovery : “it was the day I walked through that building, filled with green and growing plants, that my anxiety began to ebb.
  3. View Landscape photography to sharpen your thinking. Research showed that this is associated with enchanted mental alertness, attention and cognitive performance.
  4. Try wilderness “therapy”. Treatment in outdoor settings has provided a sense of comfort for many, including bereaved people, rape and incest survivors and cancer patients.

Take a moment today to appreciate the song of a bird or the spring your bottled water came from. Your health payoffs could be immense.