5 Food and Beverages That Have Gone Viral During the Pandemic

5 Food and Beverages That Have Gone Viral During the Pandemic: Boba Drink

During the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit Indonesia since March 2020, the public is encouraged to reduce all activities carried out outside the home to minimize the spread of the virus. To fight boredom, many people do activities that train their skills in various fields, such as cooking. Because of that, a lot of food and drinks are viral during the covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the food and beverages that have gone viral:

  1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee went viral a few months ago and many people are trying to make the drink to fill their spare time at home. The method is quite easy and you only need four ingredients. The ingredients needed include black coffee, sugar, hot water, and milk.

  1. Chocolate Toppings on Toast

Source: putuwardhani

At the beginning of the pandemic, social media was enlivened by netizens who were creative in arranging chocolate toppings on white bread. Even though it looks ordinary, it takes perseverance and patience when making it. Many people follow this trend by making various kinds of images, ranging from flowers, mountains, brand logos, landscapes, to faces of famous people, one of them is Chef Arnold Poernomo.

  1. Dessert Box

This list incomplete if the dessert box is not included in the list of foods that are viral during the pandemic. As this snack has gone viral, many people created a business out of it. Dessert boxes are usually served in clear boxes and given various layers consisting of sponge cake, soft cream, sprinkles or melted chocolate (can be replaced with jam), then topped with biscuits, chocolate bars, or fruit.

  1. Boba Drink

Boba drinks are still the prima donna to this day. Boba topped with balls made of tapioca flour can be made into a variety of drinks, such as boba brown sugar, boba milk tea, boba Thai milk tea, matcha boba fresh milk, to toppings in ice cream.

  1. Korean Garlic Bread

Just as the name suggests, this bread comes from South Korea. Citing the CNN Indonesia page, Korean garlic bread comes from Gangneung City in Gangwon Province. Previously the bread was peddled by street vendors, but now it has mushroomed to various places as far as Indonesia. Korean garlic bread has a filling in the form of cream cheese or can be added with meat filling, as well as garlic sauce which can create a savory and fragrant taste.

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