5 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

5 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Learn the necessary steps to ensuring your big Goals and dreams for 2022 actually get realized

By Carl Massy: We are at the beginning of 2022, and it is a good time to take a quick look at our goals for 2022. How are your ambitious plans for 2022 looking right now? If you are like me and probably about 97.6% of other people who set goals for 2022; you are already feeling a little overwhelmed and perhaps even a little confused. Assuming the goals you set, really are the things that most inspire, excite and move you; the next thing you need is the energy to do what has to be done.

What follows are my 5 Big Tips for increasing your energy levels:

1. Physical Activity: This might seem odd or even counter intuitive

Have you ever had the thought where you feel too tired to exercise or do any physical activity? Of course you have – as have we all. However the funny thing is, at times like this we will serve ourselves best by getting up and moving our body. When we move our body we actually liberate and generate energy, which continues to be available to us long after we finish the activity. This is because it increases blood flow throughout body (and our brains), it stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals, plus it helps to rid our body of toxins and waste through sweating and stimulation of the lymphatic system. Exercising actually liberates energy, energizes the mind and gets rid of stagnate waste in our bodies. Therefore if you are not doing some physical activity – at least 3-4 times a week – you are missing out on huge amounts of energy you will need for the attainment of your most important goals.

2. Nourishment: The difference between jet fuel & lawn-mower fuel

Does jet fuel or lawn mower fuel burn brighter, easier and cleaner? That is obvious, right? The same is obvious for the fuel we put in our bodies. The quality of the fuel we put in our bodies has a HUGE impact on our energy levels. The aim is to eat fuel that is high in nutrients, water-rich, low on toxins (preservatives, additives, pesticides, etc.) and with natural fibre. I think the first 3 are pretty obvious. The reason I say natural fibre is because it slows downs the release of glucose (or sugars) into the body – meaning the fuel burns for longer and our blood sugar levels don’t yo-yo through the day. The best source of fuel really is the stuff nature gifted us, like: fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. It has all the good stuff (increasing our energy) and less of the crap stuff (meaning less energy is required to remove it and clean our internal system).

3. Water: So simple, yet SO critical

This is HUGE. One of the quickest ways to slow us down is to become dehydrated. Ever seen a movie where the hero crossing the middle of the desert without adequate water, is moving fast? Even mild dehydration has a major effect on our performance. Water not only constitutes over 75% of our bodies, it is like lubrication for the system. If you don’t get enough into you – daily – you are going to struggle through the day. Let alone be able to create your dream life. You need it for effective blood flow, for effective elimination of wastes, for detoxifying the body, for muscle function, and for brain function – to name just a few. So if you want the energy you need to achieve your big goals, make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of pure, clean, fresh WATER a day. More if you want more out of your body. Capito??

4. Rest: Downtime for the necessary maintenance & repair work

Does the engine on your car (even if you have no clue how it works) function more efficiently if it is serviced on a regular basis? The same holds true for your body and mind. It is in the down time (aka rest) that the body does its repair, recovery and rejuvenation work. It is when we sleep at night that the mind does its sorting and storage work. Without adequate rest through the day and night (7.5-9hrs sleep), our body will not operate at its optimum, which will mean it will have less energy available for you to kick those big 2022 goals. Regular downtime, means the up-time is so much more effective and productive. Sleep…it is a necessary game changer for operating effectively in our modern world.

5. Bad Habit #1: Freeing up huge amounts of wasted energy

I started chuckling as I went to write this. Because I am sure that you, like me, know that you have some habits that are just pulling you in a backwards direction or make you feel like you are dragging a ball and chain around with you. Want more energy? Then get rid of the ball and chain. Identify what your Number 1 Bad Habit is and work on removing it. Is it a weakness for Oreo cookies, or watching television until late in the night, or having that extra glass or two of wine each night, or checking your emails every 33 seconds, or hanging out with VDP’s (very draining people), or having an untidy home & workspace (which researchers tell us adversely effects our willpower), or some other thing that is taking energy from you and not giving you anything back in return. Removing just 1 major bad habit can liberate vast amounts of energy. Just what you need to make 2022 one of your biggest years yet!!





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