5 Effective Morning Exercises to Energize Your Day


Morning is the ideal time to prepare for your day. By having an effective morning routine, you will be able to improve your mood for the day and increase your daily productivity. However not all types of exercises are effective in order to produce the desired effects that you wish to have in your day. Having the correct exercises will not only will it improve your morning, but it can even improve the state of your body over time.

Here are the five exercises that you can do in the morning:

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training is when an intense period of exercise is followed by a slower paced recovery period. It is highly effective for people with an active job and minimal time to exercise. In just a few short minutes, all the activities and benefits of the exercises can be gained.

There are many examples of exercise that you can do to practice HIIT. Using a stationary bike, running and walking, using a rowing machine or elliptical machine are just some of the ways you can practice with the HIIT method. Start by warming up for 5-10 minutes, continuing with higher intensity for 30-45 seconds and slowing down for a “recovery phase” in 90-120 seconds. Follow through with 3 to 8 rounds, then have 5-10 minutes of cool down. In total, this exercise form will not take more than 20 minutes.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is another option to burn more calories faster in a shorter period of time. The difference between both training styles is that circuit training style focuses more on building endurance and gaining strength from the muscles, rather than HIIT which focuses more on burning calories at a faster rate with some rest time included.

This training style is also ideal for busy people who are seeking to improve their muscle tone and strength as the results are gained in a shorter period. Moreover, you can alternate the training styles on a daily basis depending on your preferences wherever and whenever.

Circuit training mainly involves practicing 3-4 moves for a continuous of 30 seconds each. Some of the exercise moves that you can try include burpees, mountain climbers, lunges, push-ups, skater hops, bodyweight squats, jump squats, planks, leg lifts or crunches. Afterwards, you would take a rest period of 90 seconds before repeating it again for 4-5 rounds.

Low Intensity Interval Training

Low-intensity interval training is ideal for busy fitness beginners who are looking to start intense exercise.  Rather than just exercising for the sake of building strength or losing weight, LISS is also effective to lower your stress and anxiety levels. As it is a combination of walking, running and jogging, it is best done outside. People who are suffering from injury, want a lower pace of activity, or even people who are older can also practice this form of exercise to get their body moving.

It still works based around intervals but this time with a walking/jogging combination. You can start walking a normal pace for 3-5 minutes, followed by a light jog or faster-paced walk, for 90 seconds. Then, go back to your regular pace walk for 3-5 minutes. Keep repeating all of this over 30 minutes.


Try swimming. Those who swim are generally able to use the whole parts of your body for cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Swimming allows every muscle in the body to be exercised, including the core of the body. All in all, the body will be fully engaged while you are swimming.

For people with injuries and joint pains, swimming is the best workout. The resistance of water will minimize any amount of pain from injuries to joint pain in the knee, back, or ankles. At the same time, strengthening muscles without experiencing the risks that come from running or strength training. Start by doing walking laps in the water and step it up to swimming laps after a while.


Yoga in the morning can supply you with the jolt of energy that you need. Not only will it prep you for the day, but it can even prep you before performing any other forms of exercises. Stretching in yoga gives a lot of benefits from mental clarity, improved mood, toning the muscles and much more. In effect, you will be able to sustain stamina and endurance throughout the day.

Early morning is be ideal to practice the sun salutation. As the sequence of poses are meant to align your body and center your mind, regular practice would affect everything from the flow of energy, tone of muscle, flexibility and concentration levels.

Surya Namaskar
The Surya Namaskar

Exercise is something that clearly affects the overall state of the body. From concentration levels, energy levels to overall fitness can be achieved with regular and correct exercises. Fitness beginners or people with busy schedules can achieve their fitness goals by practicing these exercises first thing in the morning. Whether you choose HIIT, yoga, swimming or walking, you will surely be able to find an exercise that perfectly suits your needs.

What exercise do you most favor? Are there any other forms of exercise that you would like to try? Do share with us the comments section below!