5 Nature Destinations to Visit in Jatinangor, West Java

5 Nature Destinations to Visit in Jatinangor, West Java: Gunung Geulis

Jatinangor sub-district is well-known as a higher education center on the outskirts of Sumedang with four major universities.

The four universities are Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) kampus Jatinangor, Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN), dan Institut Manajemen Koperasi Indonesia (Ikopin).

The large number of students who live in Jatinangor makes the sub-district make it a very dynamic and happening place with academic activities, various events, and various organizations.

Here are the destinations you can visit in Jatinangor:

  1. Gunung Geulis

The mountain that can be an option if you want to calm yourself down.

Gunung Geulis is is visible from the Jatinangor entrance gate and is part of three sub-districts, namely Jatinangor District, Cimanggung District, and Tanjungsari District. Gunung Geulis has a height of 1,281 meters above sea level.

Apart from being a serene place, Gunung Geulis is also a place for hiking and mountain climbing. Itโ€™s one of the best ways to enjoy the silence at the top of the mountain.

  1. Kiara Payung

Beside Gunung Geulis, Kiara Payung Campground can be another option for your vacation. This place can be a destination for those of you who don’t want to spend energy to climb.

Kiara Payung is located in Cilayung Village, Jatinangor District. The location is quite easy to reach because it is behind the Unpad campus area.

Kiara Payung can be an option for those who want to explore natural scenery, mountain biking, picnic with friends, camping, and tracking. The facilities at Kiara Payung include parking areas, bathrooms, prayer rooms, lodging, food stalls, and camping areas.

  1. Baru Beureum

This tourist spot, which is located in Sindangsari Village, Sukasari District, can be reached from Jatinangor, precisely through the Unpad side road and the Kiara Payung canal.

Baru Beureum is one of the hiking trails to the top of Mount Manglayang. In addition, in Baru Beureum there is also a camp area that you can use to set up a tent.

The atmosphere is still beautiful, Baru Beureum can be an option to get away from the routine of lectures. However, the condition of the road to the location is still in the form of rocks.

  1. Bukit Panorama

Bukit Panorama is located on Pamegarsari Street, Tanjungsari District. Bukit Panorama itself is not an official tourist spot managed by the state or private parties. However, from Bukit Panorama, at night, we can enjoy the sparkling lights of Jatinangor and Tanjungsari.

  1. Batu Kuda

Batu Kuda has a large enough area for camping. The tourist location is on the slopes of Mount Manglayang, precisely in Cibiru Wetan Village, Cileunyi District, Bandung Regency.

Batu Kuda is managed by Perhutani Unit III West Java. This tourist location is already quite famous among Jatinangor students, both for camping or just enjoying the natural scenery.

To get to the camping area, tourists do not need to go through the ups and downs and walk far. Motorcycle and car parking is not far from the camping area.

Which location seems the interesting for you to visit? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below!