5 X 5 New Uses of Everyday Items


Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to deal with simple household problems with common objects that are readily available in our rooms, kitchen, or backyard, and can make our life more efficient. Here are new uses of everyday items that will simplify our daily household problems:

Nail Polish


  • To keep button threads from unraveling, apply a dab of clear nail polish as prevention or to stop an already fraying thread.
  • If you have too many keys in one key chain, color the keys with colorful nail polish to color-code them.
  • Clear nail polish is also can be used to keep laces and ropes from fraying (especially for your shoelaces)
  • Keep a small hole on your tights or stocking from spreading by dabbing the run with clear nail polish. Ladies, it’s a great idea to keep a bottle of clear nail polish in your purse for solving similar wardrobe malfunctions!
  • Secure a screw by first painting it with nail polish, which will give it extra stickiness. Then, paint over the top to prevent it from rusting.

Coffee Grounds


  • Place dry coffee grounds in a bowl or Mason jar to deodorize your fridge and neutralize odors left by stale or spoiled food.
  • Sprinkle the coffee grounds on a dirty grill to remove the build-up of grease. Let sit for 30 minutes, and wash thoroughly.
  • Mix your grounds with soapy water and scrub on the surface of the stain with a dishcloth.
  • To get rid of puffy eyes, mix up the coffee grounds with some water and make into a paste. Smear it on the area and leave to rest for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water.
  • Running out of face exfoliant? Make an emergency face scrub by mix a spoonful of grounds, with a few drops of olive oil and a couple more drops of an essential oil of your liking.

Binder Clips


  • Invest in several pieces of binder clips in different sizes for sealing your opened pack of chips, cereal bags, or other bags.
  • Organize the unruly wires at your home or office by clipping a few wires together.
  • Too tired for knotted headphone wires? Binder clips can help you to tidy up those wires.
  • Clip binder clips on the edge of your table, and thread cords through them. Your charging cords will be more organized and always be within reach.
  • If you have limited space in your fridge, you can usually use your vertical space to fit more things in at once. Simply stick a binder clip on the shelf and you’ll be able to stack bottles and cans sideways without having them sliding around.

Shower Caps


  • When you have to keep another pair of shoe in your bag, put the pair in a shower cap so that it won’t dirty other items in your bag. You can also put one shoe in a shower cap so that it wouldn’t dirty the other one.
  • To clean a shower head, pout white vinegar into shower cap and secure it to the showerhead with a rubber brand. Let it soak for an hour and wipe it clean with a wet cloth.
  • Use a clean disposable shower cap to cover kitchen bowls containing food before placing them in the fridge (this helps when you’re running out of plastic wrap)
  • If you have indoor plants in your home, place a cap under the plants with the elastic tight around the container. This will help prevent leaking when you water.
  • Sometimes you bring your iPad or tablet into the kitchen to refer to the recipes. To avoid it being dirty, cover it with a clear shower cap. Don’t worry; it can still work with a layer of thin plastic between your finger and the screen.



  • Pour Coke into the toilet bowl around the rim so it flows over the stains around the inside of the bowl. Let sit for at least an hour, and then flush the toilet. Most of the stains should have been dissolved by the acid in the Coke.
  • Rub rusty surfaces with a sponge, fabric, or aluminum foil dipped in Coke.
  • Clean your burnt oven grates by letting them soak in an overnight Coke bath. The chemicals in the liquid will loosen all of the burnt-on bits, so you can scrub away the dirty part easily.
  • The soda drink makes an effective pre-soak treatment and stain remover for grease spots in your fabrics. For best results, apply to fresh stains. Let the liquid sit for a few minutes, then wash as usual as recommended for the garment.
  • Coke also works in cleaning your oven. Just place the Coke in a spray bottle and your oven cleaner is ready.