6 Points to Avoid for a Clean Bed


We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. A clean bed is a pleasure to sleep in. Cleaning the bed includes changing sheets, cleaning the headboard, washing pillowcases, and removing dust with a vacuum cleaner.  Here are 6 points to keep in mind to have the hygienic and clean bed.

Here are 6 things to avoid when cleaning beds:

  1. Wash Bed Cover Only in One Cycle

6 Points to Avoid for a Clean Bed: Wash Bed Cover Only in One CycleA bed cover makes sleeping more comfortable.  However, its large size makes it difficult to wash frequently.  In fact, having multiple cycles will clear out all the dirt accumulated in the folds, darts, and the fabric itself. Add less detergent to prevent the bedcover from too much foam.

2. Dry Sheets at Too High Temperature Setting

6 Points to Avoid for a Clean Bed Dry Sheets at Too High Temperature SettingTo make sure the sheets are dry, keep the dryer at a lower temperature. Setting the dryer at a very high temperature will make sheets shrivel up and tear quickly.  In addition, remove the sheets immediately from the dryer so they don’t get wrinkled easily. When the bed is remade, make sure to put the sheets upside down to avoid wrinkles. It may sound strange but it helps the skin to touch the softer side during sleep.

  1. A New Pillowcase Can Make the Pillow New 

Tips-to-Improve-Your-Nighttime-Skincare-Routine-Change-your-pillowcases-regularlyA new pillowcase cannot protect from the dust mites, skin cells, and dandruff inside the pillow. These can also worsen allergies and make the pillow heavier. Make a schedule to wash pillows every six months, especially if they are beginning to discolor.

The first step to wash the pillow is to remove the pillow from the cover, then put the pillow in the washing machine. To balance the washing machine, load two pillows at once. It would be better to check the care label on the pillow first to make sure if the pillow can be washed in a washing machine. Then, let them dry in a heatless setting.

  1. Rarely Dust The Mattress

Get-a-Healthier-Bedroom-Get-a-green-mattressJust because a mattress can’t be put in the washing machine, doesn’t mean the mattress cannot be cleaned. Baking soda can be used to clean the mattress. Adding essential oils into baking soda is better. Clean any visible dirt or stains with a soap and damp cloth. Then, sprinkle the mix of baking soda and essential oils over the mattress. Spray water on top and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes before vacuuming it off.  Don’t forget to rotate the mattress every few months.

  1. Ignore Cleaning the Headboard

Get-a-Healthier-BedroomA headboard is usually cleaned when it is visibly dirty. In reality, you should vacuum or wipe the headboard every week or twice a week. Use a wet washcloth with baking soda to clean the headboard. Vacuum the baking soda when it’s dry. A mixture of water and a small amount of soap can be used for a wooden headboard. White toothpaste is also a great option for removing water stains without stripping the wood.

  1. Leave Cleaning the Bed Frame from

6 Points to Avoid for a Clean Bed: Leave Cleaning the Bed Frame fromCleaning the bed frame is often overlooked.  Clean the mattress frame by rotating your mattress. Use the same soap and water you cleaned your headboard with or just use a wet washcloth. Then, wipe down the sides of the frame before setting your mattress back on top.

Do you pay attention to these 6 steps while cleaning your bed? Which do you find to be the most common mistake to avoid? Share your opinion and comments below.