6 Self-Care Tips During Quarantine


While in this current pandemic lockdown or self quarantine, you may feel anxious and nervous about the situation outside your doors. This pandemic, although not affecting you physically, can affect you mentally. For that reason, you might need to take care of your mental health while you are #workingfromhome or #stayingathome.

Here are some self-care tips:

Make time for yourself

At this moment, much of the activities that make up majority of our time are delegated towards doing your job and taking care of your kids. But without us realizing it, spending some time alone is very precious towards our mental health. Which is why we would need to create space to recharge and decompress. That could also mean taking a shower or bath, designating time to read or watching a movie after the kids have gone to bed.

Limit Your News Intakeย 

Every form of media such as the news and social media is mostly reporting on the latest news about the coronavirus. Itโ€™s important to stay informed, however it becomes dangerous when starting to result in anxiety and fear. At this point, you need to be limiting your media intake related to COVID-19. Reading the news is a must, however limit the media intake to a couple of times a day and refer toย trusted news sources.

Music to Cheer Your Mood

Among other things, music is one of the things that is guaranteed to change your mood. Make a music playlist by gathering your favorite songs into one file and using a music player to play the songs. Otherwise, you can hop on to spotify to make a playlist. Feel more connected by making a group playlist and asking your friends to add five of their favorite songs as well. For playlists that cater to your mood, create several that goes with your different moods/vibes (e.g. rainy day, feeling happy, etc.).

Get A New Hobby

If you have always wanted to continue your hobby, this quarantine would be the perfect time to do so. It will divert your attention from worry or fear, into happiness and joy. These days, the internet is full of tutorials when you want to learn anything from knitting, crafting, language, arts and many more.

Call Up Your Friends

Source: Whatsapp

Communicating via text messages can feel a little impersonal at time, which is why we recommend you to call up your friends. Even better yet, set up a video call with them to share all your hurdles and thoughts. This is also the time to check in on each other in order to stay connected despite the physical distance.

Work out with online videos

Mental health does not only depend on the activities that you do, but also the state of your health. A healthy body results is a strong, stable mind. During this quarantine, take this opportunity to get stronger and healthier! Prepare your exercise space, a water bottle and a focused mind and you are set on your journey to getting stronger. Other than that, you can always get an exercise buddy to keep you on track, whether in real life or via an app.

What self-care activities do you do during this quarantine? Tell us your experience in the comment section below!