6 Steps to Goal-Setting for your New Year’s Resolution


The New Year is bound to make you feel like you need a new start. It’s the time of the year in which you want to start fresh and reach your goals for the new year. However sticking to your goals is not as easy as it seems, for many people tend to forget their goals just as early as February and is abandoning their goals by then. For that reason, you need to anticipate this slump in order to reach your goals in the year 2024!

Here are some useful tips you can apply to your goals:

Be Specific and Realistic About Your Goals

Many people may feel excited about their goals, as they are keen on starting this new and fresh year of their lives. Yet their goals may seem general, like ‘losing weight’. For your goal to be successfully reached, it needs to be specific and measurable. For example, the goal should be specific, such as ‘lose 5 kg’. This reduces the chances of your goals being on the grey side and being another ‘unattainable’ goal.

Break Down Your Goals

After finding out what your specific goals are, then it’s time for some action! Set the big, main goal and break down the goals into small, manageable steps. Doing the tasks all in one can seem very intimidating and can even lower your motivation if you do not reach it. It would be much better to break down your goals into small, manageable goals so that you will have a higher chance of finishing each and every one of it. For instance, instead of ‘losing 5 kg’, you can have goals like ‘Run for 30 minutes daily’ or ‘drink 2 liters of water daily’.

Put Reminders In Your Calendar

Next is to set a reminder of your goal on your calendar. Most of the time, after finding and setting your goals people are prone to forgetting them, even forgetting their deadline. Putting it in your calendar ensures that you will not be forgetting your mini-goals (other than your big, main goal) and even set a deadline to your goals. Officially putting in the time on your calendar mean that you are specifically blocking out the required time for the goal itself, and that is a great way to strengthen your intention.

Involve Others

Although the goals are ours, doesn’t mean that it’s restricted to ourselves. Involving others to achieving our goals will help our cause. This creates a sense of responsibility, in which we are more likely to follow through with our goals. There are many ways we can do this. First, you can involve people closest to you by informing them about your resolutions and ask them to check in with you about how well you’re keeping them. Second is to join groups or organizations that are related to your goals, as this will make you more motivated to reach your goals.

Anticipate Obstacles

This is one of the most important part of the step, for obstacles are bound to happen when you are trying to reach your goals. In order to fight off those hurdles, you need to anticipate it first and foremost. Make a list of what might get in the way, the difficulties that you might be having later on in the journey and how to get around each of them. In this way, you will be able to handle the obstacles that come your way and stay the course of your journey.

Stay Positive and Motivated!

Other than overcoming obstacles, the feeling of positivity and motivation should be continuously occurring in your life. First, stay positive and motivated by looking at the good side of the activity rather than the bad side of it. If you hate the gym but want to lose weight, you can focus on the endorphin buzz after the gym rather than how tiring and painful gym sessions are. Constantly reminding yourself or when you are feeling demotivated will make you have a more positive outlook in life.

New Year is the time to start fresh and renew parts of your life. Many want to achieve their New Year’s resolutions yet it does not get fulfilled part of the of the time for many reasons. Mostly, the reason is we forget about our resolutions and lack of motivation to continue. These tips above can help out with those problems, making your more likely to succeed in reaching your New Year’s goals this year!

What are your goals for this year? Share it with us in the comments section below!