7 Best Hair Tonics for Hair Loss and Hair Nourishment

7 Best Hair Tonics for Hair Loss and Hair Nourishment

There are a million reasons why your hair could be falling out. It could be due to stress, hormonal issues, lack of nutrition, illness and many more. One of the most common reason for hair fall is lack of nourishment for the hair. If you find your hair breaking apart with split ends, then you should consider a hair tonic to add nourishment to the hair and reduce breakage which leads to hair loss.

Here are 7 hair tonics to try:

Makarizo Salon Daily Hair Tonic

This hair tonic is a 2 in 1 action product to nourish hair while eliminating dandruff. It also contains aloe vera and ginseng root which can prevent hair from becoming thin and strengthen hair roots. The result will be thicker and voluminous hair! In addition, there is also a menthol that can provide a fresh sensation and reduce dandruff on the scalp.

Mustika Ratu Hair Tonic

The next product is Mustika Ratu Hair Tonic which can treat hair loss and reduce dandruff. It contains quinine extract and urang aring to prevent hair loss, strengthens hair, and stimulates hair growth to make it thicker in volume. In addition, there is also a Climbazole which is useful for reducing itching and dandruff. You can apply this product every time you wash your hair at night or in the morning.

ERHAIR HairGrow Tonic

Another product that should not be missed is the ERHAIR HairGrow Tonic which has been clinically proven to be able to grow hair faster and thicker up to 61%. It contains Kopexil, Panax Ginseng Extract, vitamins and amino acids. The combination of these ingredients is effective in nourishing the entire surface of the hair so that it is strong and healthy, from the roots to the tips.

Natur Hair Tonic Aloe Vera

Next is Natur Hair Tonic Aloevera which is designed to make hair grow lush, thick and strong. With regular use, baby hair will grow in areas that previously experienced hair loss or is balding. It also contains aloe vera extract and Hair Nutritive Treatment to nourish and smooth the hair.

Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Tonic with Ginseng and Phytantriol

Styling activities, such as straightening, coloring, and blow drying can also cause hair loss. To overcome this, you can try this hair tonic from Rudy Hadisuwarno. This product contains ginseng extract which can strengthen hair roots and make hair thrive. In addition, there is also Phytantriol which protects hair from damage from styling tools while keeping your hair shiny and moisturized.

Garnier Neril Anti-loss Guard Hair Tonic

Neril hair tonic works effectively to protect hair from nutritional deficiencies and make your hair strong, healthy and beautiful. Contains a concentrate of nettle, chamomile, birch, wheat and horsetail plants specially formulated to protect and care for the capillaries in the scalp which are essential for hair growth. Enriched with vitamins, protein and methyl, this concentrate will nourish and maintain the strength of your hair roots.

NR Hair Tonic

NR products themselves are very popular as good hair care products. The use of this product can keep hair strong, healthy, shiny and beautiful. Hair tonic from NR not only serves to strengthen hair, but also stimulates hair growth to become longer faster. This hair tonic can also be used on dry to oily scalps and can treat dandruff as well as eradicate dandruff-causing fungi with its active ingredient octopirox.

What products do you use to care for your hair? Share your preferences with us in the comments section below!