7 Common Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

7 Common Fashion Mistakes that People Often Do

Everyone wants to look their best everyday. Be it at work, at party, or any other occasion. Unfortunately, sometimes we make totally avoidable fashion mistakes. This is not about wearing an outfit that (actually) doesn’t suit you, but rather long-held bad habits. This is about fashion clichés you still believe are OK to do every day, and small things that may seem trivial —but can wreak havoc on your personal style.

Here are common fashion mistakes that you often do (unintentionally, of course):

Keep Your Hair Dry

If it’s raining outside and you forgot your umbrella, make sure that you cover your head so your hair won’t get wet. Wet hair will make you look shaggy, untidy, and display that you are not a well-prepared person. Either wash your hair the night before or put some dry shampoo to give yourself a quick hair fix every morning. This applies for both women and men.

Dressing for your body type

You know yourself best. You know which parts of your body that you can accentuate, and those that you want to cover. It’s as simple as that. You will look good if you are wearing clothes that fit you, not squeezing yourself into something that is too small for your body. Also, don’t wear something too big too, unless it is your favorite over sized pajamas.

Blindly following trends

Not every trend is for everyone. You don’t have to follow those trends if you can’t do it justice. Just stick to your own style that fits you. Wear what flatters you and feels ‘honest’ to your personality.

Sloppy clothes

The ‘I just woke up’ style is a big NO! Well, over-sized shirts or cuffed jeans may be nice fashion items, but make sure you make a ‘balanced’ look with those over-sized items. Otherwise, you will look messy, not casual.

Wrinkled clothing

Unless you want to tell the world that you don’t care about how you look, no one wants to look untidy. Polished shoes, groomed hair, neat shirt, and fine-cut pants will give you a professional and clean look. Don’t go out with crinkled shirts. Even if the cloth is wrinkle-prone, get an iron so you can iron it before you wear it.

Your makeup is just too much

Do you seriously want to wear your favorite bright red lipstick to work? Or that heavy contouring that takes up to 1 hour to do in the morning? Well, think again about it. Wearing a lot of heavy makeup is distracting people around you. You can wear your favorite popping red lipstick to the party, but not for tomorrow’s meeting. Daily makeup should be minimal, natural, but still look polished. Even if you really cannot go out without your favorite foundation and highlighter, that shouldn’t look like you’re wearing it.

Obvious underwear

We all wear underwear, but even though your underwear is so expensive, people don’t need to see it. Make sure that your underwear hides perfectly under your clothes. Either you wear clothes with thick material, or wear underwear that has similar color to your clothes.